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Cosquín is an Indian name meaning Cuzco Chico as some of the inhabitants from Cuzco, Peru, lived in this location before the colonization of our lands. It is situated between two mountain chains, the Sierras Grandes and the Sierras Chicas. Located in the middle of the Punilla Valley, Cosquin offers various attractions to old and new visitors: a wonderful view of both the Sierras Chicas and the Sierras Grandes, an opportunity to bathe in the Yuspe river, one of the most beautiful spots in the mountains, and lots of outdoor activities like biking, horse riding, hiking, swimming, climbing, fishing, and more.

Cosquin city map:

Cosquín City: Learn more about Cosquín and its surroundings.

Cosquín River: Situated only 2 blocks down the road, the Cosquín river offers several beaches where families can swim and pic-nic.

Pan de Azúcar hill: A few miles from our house, The Pan de Azúcar hill offers the visitor the perfect opportunity for climbing.

Folk Music Festival: The biggest and most famous national folk music concert held annually since 1960. It takes place one block away from our B&B, in the Plaza Próspero Molina, the National Plaza for Folk Music.

Cosquín Rock: Cosquin Rock is a major Argentine music festival, held annually since 2001. It used to be held at Cosquin city, in Córdoba, where it took its name. Due to some conflicts with other Cosquín events, it got transferred to the neighboring city of San Roque. The most important national rock singers and groups participate in the festival, along with some of the most famous international rock bands mostly of Spanish-speaking countries like Spain, Mexico and Uruguay. It is held in February during the summer holidays and is one of the most popular music festivals in the country with more than 120,000 attending each year.

Argentine Rally Championship: ( March 1-4, 2007) Rally in La Cumbre, Córdoba.

World Rally Argentina: (May 3-6, 2007) This year the famous World Rally will go through Cosquín twice during the leg Cosquín-Tanti, driving through the mountainous road of Mallín towards la Cueva de los Pajaritos (Birds´Cave), a really exciting rally setting in the Punilla Valley.