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Bay School District's Language Arts Philosophy

Language learning occurs in a literate environment where students use reading, writing, listening, viewing, and speaking for real purposes and audiences.  Although the objectives are presented as a list, it should be emphasized that they are not distinct and separable; they are, in fact, interrelated and should be considered as a whole.

English language arts experiences for students recognize that current and future demands of the work place, society, and the individual go beyond basic literacy.  Changes in technology and society have altered and will continue to alter the ways in which language is used to communicate and to think.  Students must be prepared to meet these demands.

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Bay School District's Language Arts Assumptions:

  1. We believe this can best be accomplished by creating a supportive environment where risk-taking is encouraged.
  2. We believe that the acts of composing and comprehending are mutually enhancing and the students should participate in the various stages of the processes, including planning, composing, revising, and editing.
  3. We believe that both instruction and assessment should be process-oriented.  Classroom activities should be organized so that instruction in process, procedures, and strategies are emphasized and valued as assessment points.  We recognize that students, teachers, parents, and administrators are natural partners in students' achievements.