Bay Village High School - Class of 1960
Wolf and Dover

Where we all came together, back then and forever...

1960 Class officers:
President - John Wills
Vice President - Shari Andersen
Secretary - Marilyn Jones
Treasurer - Char Watkins
Social Chairmen - Ginny Vickland, Denny White

Bay High Choir Singing Christmas Tree at 60 years - December 2019

Bay High Choir Singing Christmas Tree - year 1, December 1959  '~)

December Birthdays

December 4 - Jan Kekic Hyne -    
December 9 - Dave Bennett -
December 15 - Kathy Simpson Booth -
December 30 - Karen McDade Dickes -
December 31 - Denny White -

Some memories from 60+ years ago

I had to think a few moments about adding these pictures sent to me through the years. 

 They certainly bring some sadness but also some wonderful memories. 

I hope I speak for all when I say I am so thankful that I am still here to see

 these pictures and be reminded of what Bay and our classmates have meant to all of us. 

Beach grade school was in RR on Detroit - who can find the 2 classmates
who at some point moved to Bay
Photographer said "front row, cross your legs"

Whose rec room is this?  I think I know the girls sitting left and right - Who is over Larry's back?
Finally - who sent me this pic? 

I know all these guys but have no idea where this is 
or why Craig Hallows is crashing the party  '~)

Lou and Don hangin out . . Who sent me this one?

PJ party?  Is this the morning after? Sue is catching up on the news
and Pat made sure she had her red lipstick on for the pic . . '~)
Who is to the left of BJ and the right of Bev Fell
Also above Pat, above Marty, to the right and left of Shay?

Before the scooter - at Judie's house on my Whizzer motor bike - 1955-56?

Not sure the occasion - many I know, some I don't

I think Nancie sent me this one.  ??  a dance in December?
Ken, Karen, Jan and Bill

I scanned this out of the yearbook.  Excluding Shari and me
 I think I recognize 7 others - anybody got more?

Location?  I remember coming here to watch movies during lunch hour.  

 Christmas party? at my house.  Probably developed after Christmas. Trying to figure out
the couples.  Sue and Lou single I guess.  Back row might be Buzz with the cone hat 
on his face and ??  Front Margie and Will, ?? out of pic with BJ?  and Larry with ? (I forget her name)

And last but not least, our famous artist and pilot,  
Tom Jones (he's in there) in his Cessna 140 - Safe landings to Tom and all!

That's All Folks - I wish I could have gotten everybody on here - help me with the names 

Class of '60 - Wear masks - Stay safe!

Amazing Drone Fly over of Bay - Kenny Logins - Celebrate Me Home
This is great any time of year!

Click below:

Bay selected as the 3rd most friendly community in Cleveland area!  Yea!
(or something like that . .  '~)

Really Big Reunion News  = Class of '60 Celebrates 60!

It looks like we will be putting our renion off for 1 year
Still probably in August 2021

Be sure to update your email address with
 Nancie Clouser Waldron ( or Gerry!Class of 1960

  Have questions or suggestions for the reunion?  Contact Gerry Reese Juergens at

From back then to
 the present . .

The latest roster (2020) is available in PDF format
If you haven't received it please request it from Gerry or Nancie - email addresses above

Click on link above for some recent classmate info!  '~)

(This is several months old)


Wow - Rocky River and what hotel ???  '~)

Self Explanatory!  No idea of year.  Early 50s?
Anybody know the car?  Maybe a 50 something Ford wagon?

I didn't do a good job of explaining this link.  It's the joint reunion FB page
that some of you may not have seen.  No joining FB or log in etc.

Oh, What A Night!! - from the movie Jersey Boys -
The Four Seasons

Some pics from Nancie . . thanks . .  '~)

O Bay we sing thy praises,
From faithful hearts and true,
And every voice upraises, in gratitude to you.
For lessons learned for friendship,
For hours of work and play.
To thee we pledge our loyalty,
All hail to thee O Bay.
May we in loyalty, serve thee, O  BAY! 

Kitz's Page . .  

Hall of Fame

 Big news, Westlake has re-joined Bay's athletic league/conference

The Little Brown Jug game may be back

Click on the Jug to see 1960 Bay Football History


Some things never change.  Four pics of our Great Lake click  Huntington


Class of '60's Reunion 50 - "Who Says you can't go home??"
Click here for ==> Classmates Comments
Click on Gael's web site below for memories of that weekend!

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