Bay Village High School - Class of 1960

Where we all came together, back then and forever...

1960 Class officers:
President - John Wills
Vice President - Shari Andersen
Secretary - Marilyn Jones
Treasurer - Char Watkins
Social Chairmen - Ginny Vickland, Denny White

From back then to the present . .

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Amazing drone fly-over of Bay - Celebrate Me Home - Kenny Loggins
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New Page!  Classmate Contact

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Nancie visits John and Joan  '~)

Present back to the '50s

Who lived in these wonderful houses ??  '~)


Hint: "Go Rockets - Fight - Fight - Fight"  -  Barb Maben


Hint: If you're not UP you are . . .  -  Chuck Downs


Hint: An ocean mammal - Don Dolphin


Hint: "The _ _ _ _ _ Is Right!"  -  Diane Price


Hint: _ _ _ _  Garland  -  Judie Moyer

Hint: "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ - Dealer"  Sue Wheeler


Hint: _ _ Thomas (singer)  B.J.  aka Barb Jenkins


Hint: Jules _ _ _ _ _   Jim Verne


Hint: Football dance DJ  - Gus Geil


Yours truly


Hint: She moved to Bay same time as Buttons  - Shari Andersen
Both Dads transferred to the Cleveland office of the FBI about the same time

Hint: Reagan Christmas cards  -  Tom Jones
Tom says house built by Bruscino Construction

How'd you do?  

Balance is important . . 

 I joined a gym, CRUNCH, several years ago and became acquainted with the "Bosu Ball" a balance trainer.  For the past few years when I have my annual checkup the first thing the assistant asks me after she gets on the computer is, "any falls?"  The answer has been "no" thankfully but I guess the reason is that balance can become an issue at our age.  I bought a Bosu (they are about $100) and try to spend some time on it every day.  It's actually less than half a ball about 2 feet wide with a soft dome and a flat bottom which sits on the floor any where you want.  You pump it up, step on and practice balancing.  It comes with a DVD with all kinds of exercises but here's the short form.  First thing to know is the softer it is, (less air) the harder it is to balance.  More air, eaiser.  You'll want to look down at your feet and gym shoes at first which is fine until you get familiar.  The next step, after a while, is to take your eyes out of process by looking at TV or whatever.  Just let your semi-circular canals and brain talk to your legs.  It really works.  At the inflation I use today I average about 2 1/2 minutes. You will feel your legs start to fatigue at some point and then you'll have to step off.  Try as many times within your comfort level.  I'll do 3 or 4.  It's such an easy way to help yourself.  You'll see improvement in a week.  Next level is to use sock feet and see how you do.  Socks are harder as you don't have as much foot support.  For a real challenge look up to the ceiling now and then.  And to see how alcohol affects you, try it after a margarita or glass of wine.  Weary  Of course be careful and always make sure you're practicing with plenty of room around the ball.  Just thought I'd pass this on.  It's fun to see how you improve with time.  

Wow - Rocky River and what hotel ???  '~)

Self Explanatory!  No idea of year.  Early 50s?
Anybody know the car?  Maybe a 50 something Ford wagon?

I didn't do a good job of explaining this link.  It's the joint reunion FB page
that some of you may not have seen.  No joining FB or log in etc.

Oh, What A Night!! - from the movie Jersey Boys -
The Four Seasons

Some pics from Nancie . . thanks . .  '~)

O Bay we sing thy praises,
From faithful hearts and true,
And every voice upraises, in gratitude to you.
For lessons learned for friendship,
For hours of work and play.
To thee we pledge our loyalty,
All hail to thee O Bay.
May we in loyalty, serve thee, O  BAY! 

Kitz's Page . .  

Hall of Fame

 Bay beat Westlake last FB season - for some reason this was the

last Little Brown Jug game . .  so it's ours for posterity!

Click on the Jug to see 1960 Bay Football History


Some things never change.  Four pics of our Great Lake click  Huntington


Class of '60's Reunion 50 - "Who Says you can't go home??"
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Click on Gael's web site below for memories of that weekend!

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