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Who We Are - Since 1982

It's not about us, it's really about the fish!

The BAA is a volunteer organization and we are approximately 20 members who are dedicated to the healthy fish stock future of the Bayfield River, which is also part of our contribution to the Fish Stocking strategies of the Ministry of Natural Resources for Lake Huron.  Every year, we collect approximately 60,000 Rainbow Trout eggs from Nine Mile Creek and release approximately 50,000 fry into five tributaries that feed the Bayfield River, in the fall months. They will return as 'First Returns' up the Bayfield River in approximately three years.

Our Club incurs ongoing costs and rely on donations to maintain our funding. We need to continually improve our hatching and feeding hardware systems in order to maximize the potential longevity of the fry. These costs also include extensive water monitoring programs in order to meet and exceed the requirements of our permits, the appropriate associated record keeping and reporting requirements. These permits include Certificates of Approval from the Ministry of the Environment, permits to gather Rainbow trout eggs and also to release the fry from the Ministry of Natural Resources. Valuable assistance in stream evaluations and water quality measurements are also provided by the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority.

Each year we try to implement at least one improvement project. Past project have included improvements in the roof and structure of the hatchery, the purchase of new fish food dispensing feeders, oxygen supply pumps for transport, and other supplies to maintain a healthy, most natural environment for the fry.  Our Members donate their time which means that rotating teams are working at the hatchery every day, cleaning, feeding and generally tending the ‘egg to fry’ evolution, until we transport them to their release locations.

Every year has been proven fruitful since the inception of the Club.  We hope to continue the efforts for years to come!