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posted 22 Mar 2015, 14:18 by Steph Allen   [ updated 26 Mar 2015, 14:48 ]
Come out of hibernation and join us for our AGM.  We will be meeting at 1pm at The Dock's Restaurant in Bayfield (76559 Bluewater Hwy, Bluewater, ON N0M 1G0 - north side of the Bayfield Hwy 21 bridge).

The Dock's Restaurant

Summary Agenda
  1. Opening greetings, new members and special thanks. Bruce
  2. Report of 2014 activities. Tony
  3. Financial report Dale
  4. New website report and discussion Stephanie
  5. Discussion report for 2015 Tony
  6. Fix date of next meeting All

Note: Please bring all issued papers with you to the meeting

Detailed Agenda

Detailed Agenda