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National Lacy Dog Registry

The picture is of Kass (one of our children) on a hunt with the dogs & guys. 

The dogs pictures are L to R Ellie,Trapper, Brutus & Lucifer               all a part of the SnM Hog Dogs team.         

 Proud Members of The N.L.D.A The National Lacy Dog Association

All of our Lacy Dogs are registered through the National Lacy Dog Registry.The NLDR was founded for working/performance Lacy Dogs and offers in depth pedigrees as well as records of titles/wins in events such as Bay Competitions. We are also working with other registries for future registration of the Lacy Breed. 

Our pups come with contracts and registration papers will not be granted until the pup has proved it's self  competent in it's chosen field of work, conformation & temperament. Once those requirements are met and the dog inspected, the new owner will obtain full registration. This is to insure that the breed and our lines stay true to size, prey drive/workability & temperament that is expected of a pure bred  Lacy Dog.

We are a small Kennel and specialize in producing hard working, healthy Lacy Dogs. We have grown up right here in Burnet County where the Dogs originated in the mid 1850's...we grew up with Lacy Dogs.

Originally called the Lacy Hog Dog, the breed is not limited to that job alone. 

The Lacy Dog is an agile working dog, capable of herding and droving tasks. Whether herding cattle, hunting, or blood tracking, the Lacy makes an excellent work companion. 

Both protective and nurturing by nature, they not only help get the job done, but easily find their place in their family's heart and lap. 

The Lacy is a medium sized dog, ranging in height from 18" to 21" weighing between 35 and 45 pounds. They can be found in the following colors: blue, red, cream, and tri-colored. With white on the chest and sometimes the paws.

All of our Sires and Dams are proved working dogs before they are bred. ALL of our Lacy Dogs meet the standards set for the breed and are bred in accordance with the NLDA's  code of Ethics

Here at Bayed Blue Kennels we have high standards for not only work ethic and ability, but also conformation and disposition. 

We only breed one to two litters per year, and only place dogs in working homes. 

For more on how are Lacy Dogs are registered visit the NLDR