You should vote for me because:

  1. I am passionate about the Hastings District and want the best for it's people.  I was born in Hastings and my ancestors have been here for over 20 generations.
  2. I am an experienced leader and governor and work well with others to do the right thing and achieve the best outcome.
  3. I bring a unique mix of background experiences and skills that add value to the Council decision making table.
  4. I am fair and pragmatic and can navigate through the politics to get to an outcome. 

What has been achieved in my first term as Hastings District Councillor?

Safe water - over $50m invested in our water infrastructure to ensure Hastings District residents have access to safe drinking water.  We are also reviewing the future of storm and waste water in the district.

Housing - over 1000 new homes under construction or planned throughout the district, including 120 homes at the Waingākau village in Flaxmere.

Economic Development - HDC has partnered with key industry stakeholders to ensure economic growth and jobs for our people.  Building our roading infrastructure (Te Ara Kahikatea, Whakatu Arterial Road) is a key enabler to making this happen.

Papakainga - Hastings District has had over 60 papakainga whare built, the most in any district in Aotearoa.  This in part is due to District Plan rules that make it easy to do so, something I participated in prior to being a councillor as a member of the Māori Joint Committee.

Strong Communities - Council has strengthened communities by developing 11 Community Plans including those at Waipatu, Raureka, Parkvale, Camberly and Bridge Pā.  These provide for the development of key infrastructure including parks, footpaths, cycle ways and community safety.

A vibrant CBD - ‘Hastings Alive’ strategy will develop the Hastings CBD into a vibrant place to visit, shop and live.  The Opera House and Plaza upgrades will soon be completed, drawing people back into our city centre.

Low Rates increases - Council finances have been managed effectively keeping rates increases at between 5.6 - 5.8% over the past 3 years.

Relationships with Mana Whenua - Despite the debacle of the Te Mata track, Council has worked hard to repair and enhance relationships with Mana Whenua.  I have been part of the Te Mata Reference group which has worked together with all stakeholders to find a way forward.