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Where is BayUP heading?

posted Nov 14, 2010, 6:53 PM by Jonathan Lam   [ updated Jan 31, 2011, 11:02 AM by Yu-Shuan Sho ]

After 17 years of transformative incarnational ministry in the urban cities, BayUP is still raising up world changers.  And by God's grace and with God's power, we are dreaming big and bringing it to the next level!  As someone who has been working on campus for the last 9 years, I am realizing a shift in our student culture.  People in general are becoming more aware and interested in social issues.  Non-Christians and Christians alike are asking the question, 'How is God relevant in these issues?"  We hope that BayUP would offer some answers to this question.

As a way to help students think more creatively about serving the marginalized communities, we are launching some new sites to offer more diverse venues of direct services and advocacy work in our urban cities.  The hope is that students will be inspired to think about how they might apply their fields of study to serve and love the urban poor, both as students and as graduates.  We are also establishing new partnerships with secular agencies.  We hope to offer opportunities and equip students in prayerful witness, which will not only develop them as student leaders now but also prepare them for their future vocation (assuming many of our graduates will work for secular agencies).  The last major addition we are launching in our BayUP curriculum is a 1-2 week Justice & Witness campus campaign during the Spring semester.  To bring advocacy to another level and help students better integrate the transformative work God did during the project with their missional call on campus, they are to create a campaign on their campus that coalesces a justice issue they have learned over the summer with the good news of the Gospel with  tangible/practical spiritual and advocacy invitations to the campus community.  It is my prayer that God will bless and utilize these new visions and implementations to further equip and develop His world changers in the years to come.