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Snapshots of BayUp 2012

posted Jan 19, 2012, 7:25 AM by Jason Rieckewald-Schmidt
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Dear {FIRST_NAME|Friends},

Happy New Year! I want to take this time to reflect and celebrate with you some of what God has done through BayUP last year and share with you some exciting snapshots of what to come at BayUP ‘12. We had a very thoughtful, fun, and enthusiastic group of 30 interns from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Stanford, and Chico State, in our program last year.

BayUpGroup 2

3 Initiatives for the program:
1. Vocational Discernment – diversity in client population and venues of service/advocacy
2, Mutual Conversion
  – student transformation and relevant/credible witness to secular partnering agencies
3. Campus Mission Integration – campus campaigns that integrate particular justice issues learned/experienced at BayUP and campus witness

Invitation to Pray

Initial Intercessory Gathering

Come learn about the happenings of BayUP ’12 – new additional partnering sites & teaching content. We need you to prayer for and with us! We will also discuss monthly Intercessory Gatherings then. An evite invitation will follow soon…

When: 7:30-9pm, Sunday 1/22/12

Where: 2817 Atwell Ave., Oakland CA 9460

Reflecton from a student's BayUP blog:

“It is always one thing to hear the stories of living among the urban poor and experiencing life as PART of the poor. There is a huge difference between reading an article or a statistic that our neighbors are making and living on less than a dollar or two a day, and scavenging bottles and cans from garbage cans in downtown for lunch money. You can hear about the gross imbalance of our economic system. Then you can stand on the streets with the workers on the hottest day of the year, and hear straight from them in rapid Spanish how they are sometimes picked up for gay sex instead of a day’s work, but $150 is so hard to say no to when you haven’t worked in weeks. You can learn about the intricacies of sex trafficking and how girls are pressured into the system. Then you can walk down International Blvd at night and look into the empty, hollowed, desperate eyes of these daughters of God who deserve so much more.” – Berkeley student

Some reflectons from their work sites:

CLUE 2“Direct services & Advocacy for Underserved Immigrants – Street Level Health Project & CLUE (Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice)
“Each new scenario that presents itself shows another facet of the brokenness our country calls domestic immigration policy. The difference is now I can finally put a face to the deplorable human consequences. And the more I see the human faces the harder it becomes to dismiss the current status quo as simply an interesting issue to discuss. It is real, tangible, gritty. It is the life and death dance worked out in deserts and cities, in the fields and the detention facilities” – Berkeley student

Harbor 4Summer Vacation Bible School for Inner-city Children – Harbor House
“God has been showing up for me through prayer a lot. I often times pray for patience throughout the day and in the morning before we leave for work. On the days I really sit with God through that I totally feel a difference in my day. It is great! Praise Jesus.” – Chico Student

missseyDirect Services & Advocacy for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children – MISSSEY (Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting, Serving, Sexually Exploited Youth)
“It was crazy to hear about all the stuff that has been going on to our people – neighbors really – and how little we are aware of it, let alone standing up against it. For a while, I felt like someone just dumped a heavy dose of information/reality on me and I didn’t know what to do other than just carry it around. To be honest, I still haven’t figured it out and sometimes still feel like that. During yesterday’s BAyUP prayer and reflection night, however, I learned that I’ve been tying my head and heart together, letting my head do all the thinking for my heart and not being able to hurt for all the pain that can be seen around me – as an almost protective and guarded instinct. But, I received prayer and have been praying myself for the breaking of that tie, being uncomfortable and vulnerable, letting my guards down, and just being able to hear God with clarity.” – Berkeley student

CovenantVocational & Educational Training for Homeless Youth - Covenant House
“Job readiness classes: The first class they had went something like this. Everyone has values, personal values. Once you know your values, it is easier to live your life because you know what is important to you. So, everyone write down 5 of your personal values……….. I had to think a good minute before I wrote anything down. That was the first day, and I was like, wow, I can’t even think of my values which should be something a person lives by, while they are scribbling theirs down, and society would imply that I am somehow better than them?” – Berkeley student

worldimpactSummer Vacation Bible School for Inner-City Children – World Imact
“Please pray for our other student Jabari. He’s an amazing kid, great Christian, wants to grow up to be a basketball player who takes care of foster children, I mean awesome kid. However, he’s been out of it recently. I know his dad got shot last year and it seems like he and his siblings have suppressed a lot of emotion. I fear it is coming out now and is looking like it might come out negatively.” – Davis student

OBUGSSummer Program teaching Inner-City Children about Nutrition – OBUGS (Oakland-Based Urban GardenS)
“Another girl, Shailyn, opened up to Sarah about her brother who was shot about a year ago. It broke my heart to learn about these struggles in the kid’s. These problems in the OBUGS kid’s lives began to weigh down on me, until God reminded me that their struggles are not my burden to carry. He reminded me that the best thing I can do is lift them up to Him, and pray that God provide what is needed for these kids to find Him in their lives.” – Stanford student

CityTEam 2Direct Services for Men in Drug/Alcohol Rehab & the Homeless – City Team
“Within the last week, four men have dropped out of the recovery program. We had made friends with these men, holding out a lot of hope that they would all make a full recovery, and so it’s been difficult to face the fact that that’s not happening this time around. But in the midst of such darkness, we still refuse to give up hope. Our God is still the God of Amos, filled with compassion for the poor and oppressed. It’s not our responsibility to save the world, but merely to join God in His great work of redemption.” – Stanford student

Teaching Content

In addition to working at these sites, students spent over 12hr/wk studying scripture and learning about ways to seek shalom in our immigration system, our education system, the largest underground industry of sex trafficking, criminal justice system, our environment, our finances, and our race & ethnicities.

“I took away that my worship to the Lord must be coupled with a pursuit of justice. Justice shouldn’t be an intellectual commercial break in the trajectory of my own life, but let it consume and transform my life.” – Stanford student “With every decision I make, I want to think about how will this bring about God’s Shalom for this world? How will this affect young lives behind bars, my fellow black, white, latino, asian, and native brothers and sisters, children lacking equal education opportunities, friends living on $2.00 a day, the US’s cheap labor forces, sexually trafficked women, men, and children, and the environment. Will I choose into how God wants us to live or a materialistic culture that worships convenience and allows wall to wall markets to destroy local economies? Will I care to have less spending money or allow living animals like me to be cooped into cities of tens of thousands over an area of only a few hundred square feet? My eyes have been opened, and my stony heart has been made back into flesh.” - Davis student