Who is the project for?

Current or potential student leaders in InterVarsity (sophomore or older) may apply.  Preference given to applicants who have participated in an Urban internship of some sort, or an InterVarsity Urban Plunge or Project.  Typically, the project is for InterVarsity students from campuses in the Pacific Region (Northern California, Nevada, and Hawaii).  But if you are not from the region and are interested, please talk to your campus staff. 

How much does the project cost?


That seems like a lot of money.  How will I be able to pay for it?

You will work as a campus team to raise the money.  Think creatively, ask boldly, and pray expectantly.  The fundraising process is just as critical in your discipleship as the project itself!  We learn to rely on God and God's people to carry out His purposes.  

Where will I be placed? What will I be working on?

You will have the opportunity to list your top 3 choices on your application.  I will try my best to accommodate base on your interest, experience, and campus teams.  Please go here for more information on job descriptions.

I've decided to apply and was accepted! How can I prepare myself for the project?

Gather a team of people to pray and fast for the summer with you!  For those of you applying for academic credits, you will need to find a sponsoring faculty from your campus right away to start the application process. Start working with your campus staff and fellow BayUP participants on fundraising.  You will find all fundraising resources here.

What should I expect upon returning from the project?

Give space for God to continue unpacking your summer.  That means a lot of time in individual prayer and reflection.  Post-project is just as transformative if not more, as you have more time to stew and wrestle with all that God brought up in the summer.  Choose wisely a small community of people who can pray and process with you.