Apply for BayUP 2014

Who: Sophomore and older; future and/or current student leader in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  For post-project follow-up purposes, preference will be given to students from the InterVarsity Pacific Region (Northern California, Nevada, Hawaii). 

When: June 19 - August 1 

Cost: $1700

Justice Fund Scholarship (JFS): Scholarship is available on a need basis.  JFS is set up to allow increasing diversity in students who participate in the project and return to their campuses and churches as more developed leaders. We hope to alleviate some of the financial pressure as you make decisions about your summer plans.  More information and application link can be found on the BayUP application.  

Application Deadline - April 4, 2014!!  Please note that the application process may vary from campus to campus. Talk to your InterVarsity staff worker before applying. Click here to fill out the application.

Applying for Academic Units - Consult your campus departments and faculty about obtaining units for your participation in BayUP.  Please direct them to this website and the BayUP syllabus here.

Fundraising Package - For all fundraising instructions & resources, please click here.

Applying to Staff BayUP: Please talk to your InterVarsity Team Leader, Area Director, and the BayUP Director.  Staff needs to raise $800 to cover project expenses.  You will also receive a stipend at the end of the summer.

More questions: please contact me at 510-393-8776 or