WELCOME! BayUP is now called Jesus, Justice, and Poverty Institute. Please visit our new website at www.jjpinstitute.org

Since 1993, Bay Area Urban Project, sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, has been bringing college students to urban cities in the Bay Area to witness and partner in the Lord's sacred work among the urban poor.
Over the course of six weeks, students live, learn, and work in the city of Oakland. In addition to 100 hours of service learning with local grassroots agencies, students participate in intensive weekly seminars/training - learning, praying, analyzing, and influencing systems (education, immigration, criminal justice, human trafficking, socio-ecology) through our Christian lens.  Students are equipped to engage broken systems on a personal, interpersonal, and systemic level.  Our prayer is to raise up agents of shalom, committed to a constant journey towards wholeness that requires persistent efforts on a personal, societal, and structural level.

  Our Vision
  • Mutual Conversion as a Paradigm for Witness - opportunities for all parties to experience major paradigm shifts that move us towards knowing and being known by God
  • Prayerful Activism as a Paradigm for Seeking Justice - marriage of prayer and social activism, embracing the reality of our powerlessness as creatures AND our God-given power to co-create with the Creator
  • Intelligent Love as a Paradigm for Ministry - Intelligent love that composes of deep compassionate "private love" (interpersonal, direct-services, work of empowerment) as well as "public love" (advocating for just policies)