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Welcome to the Bay Area Traffic website, your all-in-one source for getting traffic information in the Bay Area. Also, good news for IE users! See below for details.

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Gas Prices at a Glance

National AverageSan Francisco, CAOakland, CASan José, CA

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Average Gas Price
Per Gallon

Prices by

Average Gas Price
Per Gallon

Prices by
California Hi & Lo
San Francisco, CAOakland, CASan José, CA

For more gas price information, use the links provided on this page, or as always, click on Helpful Links.

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Are you tired of high gas prices? We can help!

No, we can't lower the gas prices, but we can help you find cheap gas in your area! We can also give you ways to save gas, either by finding ways to improve your gas mileage, or by finding other options, like taking public transportation. Click here for more information.

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Site Update: New feature coming soon!!!

You will soon be able to view a real-time traffic map of Bay Area freeways on this website. The unfinished feature can be found here. It is currently being finished and tested.

Helpful Tip

You can get traffic information instantly by calling 511 on your phone for free in the Bay Area or by going to now. There you can get information on traffic, driving times, public transportation, FasTrak, and more.

Uses airtime on cell phones.

***NOTE: Even if you don't live in the Bay Area, a 511 traffic service may be available in your area. To see a list of active 511 systems, click here.***