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  we're not longer using this webpage!

please check out our new webpage: sourcehere.wordpress.com


Fun Source event this Friday!

It's spring! Source is hosting an event on the Equinox to celebrate new beginnings and the bounty of the city. Come to the Foraged Feast and bring a dish that you didn't buy.  Wildcraft, dumpster dive, harvest from your garden, glean from a neighbor's tree, or gather from the Free Farm Stand and bring something to share. Enjoy music, nettle beer and delicious foraged foods. We'll also have info about SF Glean and our foraging zine on hand. This event is free! but bring your own plate please.

Friday, March 20th from 7-9 

Bull Moose Hunting Society Warehouse
corner of 23rd and York St. in SF


Citysteading is here!! 

Issue 3 of our quarterly zine is now available.  Learn all about fermenting, canning, baking, raising city chickens, beekeeping and more. Each issue also contains a homesteading trading card created by Zoey Kroll of the The Pocket Seed Library project.  

Come pick up a copy at:     

Bound Together Books- 1369 Haight Street, San Francisco  Modern Times- 888 Valencia Street, San Francisco            Needles and Pens - 3253 16th Street, San Francisco

You can also email us and we'll send you a PDF version.

Or, send us $2 and your mailing address and we'll be happy to mail you a copy.

And thanks to everyone who came out for our release party!

Upcoming Events

Foraged Feast - March 20, 23rd and York in SF

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