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USEFUL SITES  -  These listings are checked periodically to ensure they are available. In case of obsolete sites or suggestions for other useful sites, please notify the webmaster. Internet sites are printed in bold type and without the "www". The italic items down the left are clickable download sites. A black bolded item to the right is the name of the program. When downloading a program, watch for offered add-ons, e.g., toolbars, that you do not want. Simply uncheck them [or do not check them] before the next step.

All programs listed here have been used by BASCC members. However, BASCC makes no guarantees as to their use, while observing that a well maintained computer running good programs is nice to have.

For programs you install, use automatic updating when offered. Programs listed here provide free scans and remedial action, unless otherwise stated. Some are also sold for commercial use but are free to individuals. Others are freeware for which the authors may ask donations. Good, helpful "free" programs do deserve our $$ support.

A general purpose security and maintenance software site is bleepingcomputer.com. It gives reports, forums, downloads [various of which are listed below] and more. A similar site for much information, downloads, etc., is techsupportalert.com. Sites for downloads free and/or for fee are filehippo.com and download.cnet.com .

ANTIVIRUS - Have active only ONE antivirus [AV] program at any one time. 

The AV  programs listed here are all free and well regarded by reviewers. Keep the AV program ON at all times, except for special maintenance.

Avast.com For avast!

Free-av.com For Avira AV,

Free.grisoft.com For AVG Free Anti-Virus

Lavasoft.com Ad-Aware, known as a antispyware program, now also has AV.

Free.pandasecurity.com  Cloud -based AntiVirus that requires less PC memory. The site also offers other free security tools.

ANTISPYWARE     Spyware (aka malware) programs use different techniques to remove offending software, so here (unlike the case for antivirus programs), it is usual to install and use more than one.

Malwarebytes.org  Click on Products, then on Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

Microsoft.com/protect  Free MS security programs, Windows Defender, Family Safety, etc.

Safer-networking.org  For free Spy-Bot Search & Destroy, plus other fee-based tools.

Safety.live.com  Free scan and cleanup by Microsoft Live OneCare

Superantispyware.com  Click the Free Edition of Superantispyware

Siteadvisor.com  A McAfee freebie that warns of sites deemed hazardous

MAINTENANCE -  These programs clean out and organize files and folders

Auslogics.com  On this site click on Products to get a list that includes

Disk Defrag Free and a Registry Cleaner. Both are fast and effective.

Belarc.com  Set the cursor on Products, then scroll to Belarc Advisor.  

This program provides a profile of your hardware and software.

Ccleaner.com  CCleaner by Piriform cleans out unneeded files.

Glarysoft.com  Glary Utilities has a registry cleaner and other cleanup tools to unload the hard drive

Revouninstaller.com  Click on Downloads, then scroll down to find the free version.

Secunia.com  Scans to look for outdated or unsupported programs. You may run an online scan or download Secunia PSI.

wisecleaner.com Here are a disk cleaner and a registry cleaner

Filehippo.com  At the upper right corner find the download icon for their free Update Checker, which scans the hard drive to find programs for which there is an update available.

CLOUD STORAGE − Online (or "Cloud") storage. File storage and backup for devices



Google Drive    

Microsoft OneDrive    Available as stand-alone storage @ 5GB or 50GB. Part of MS Office 365.



BROWSERS - These are the three most popular browsers, the programs

that provide access to the worldwide web [WWW]. There are others.

Chrome.com  Find Chrome at Google.com or go direct.

FireFox.com  Find FireFox at Mozilla.org or go direct.

Microsoft.com  Most new PCs come with Microsoft's Internet Explorer preloaded. Otherwise, go to the MS home page and click on Downloads. 

Caution: Entering internetexplorer.com gets to a site rated hazardous!

HANDY TO HAVE/USE - These are free programs that provide greater use for your computer - e.g., Productivity suites for text writing, spreadsheets and slide presentations [instead of buying Microsoft Office]; online email for email access from anywhere; etc.

Adobe.com The preferred site to get Adobe Reader or Flash Player

CutePDF.com A text editor to convert other formats to PDF

Foxitsoftware.com To read PDF files. It uses less memory than Adobe Reader

Kingsoftstore.com  A productivity suite, doing about what Microsoft Office does

LibreOffice.org  Another good productivity suite, replacing OpenOffice

Gmail.com  Google's offering for free online email

Google.com  The most used search engine to find something on the internet.

Msn.com  Microsoft base for Hotmail email and general news leads.

Yahoo.com  Go here for the Yahoo eMail system and general news.

ForMyIp.com  To get the numerical address [Internet Protocol]of your computer

Lastpass.com  Here is a password manager program. Load individual PWs in here and have one really special one to access the rest. A similar program is found at roboform.com

GENERAL INFORMATION SITES - Offer information and/or entertainment. 
Cooslibraries.org  The libraries of the county are linked for service at their respective locations or online - 

Computer Newsletters - Sign up for free emailings, usually weekly or monthly:

AskBobRankin.com Good lead article/topic each week, with archive and reader comments.

komando.com Kim Komando's popular newsletter.

Scambusters.org Newsletter focused on internet scams.

computerbugs.cc  Medford, Oregon computer club newsletter

Newspapers - As printed pages get harder to find...

TheWorldLink.com Our Bay Area news, with searchable archive.

Oregonian.com News for the whole State of Oregon.

Nytimes.com  Perhaps the premier national newspaper.

Travel - A potpourri of sites that have travel information and more:

Earth.google.com  Google Earth

offers much, from satellite or map type views all over the world to street level views in many cases, and more. Just see it or get directions to go there.

MapQuest.com  Another site for maps and driving directions.

TripAdvisor.com   A site that is built on user comments for all aspects of travel - airline quality, hotel cleanliness and location and on and on.

Tripcheck.com The Oregon DOT site for road information, road cams...

www.vrbo.com Vacation Rental By Owner

- homes, condos, etc., by owners; alternative to a hotel or resort [some resorts include private condos].

Yelp.com  Customer Reviews of restaurants, etc. - Coos County and all of the USA.

More and More...  - A bit of this and that.

Aarp.org  The site for seniors; information, entertainment, discounts, etc.

Here get one free credit report each year from each of the three rating systems. Other sites offer reports but want to charge.

Morningstar.com  An agency that rates stocks and bonds, plus other financials.

Health.nih.gov  The National Institutes of Health for many topics.

Kiplinger.com  A general finance site

mayoclinic.com  THE clinic with lots of health (and illness) information

Medicare.gov  The official site for information on Medicare.

Weatherbase.com For worldwide historical weather data. Get daily weather by googling "weather" and the zip code or city name.


cartalk.com General information on cars and trucks,

kbb.com and edmunds.com To price new and used vehicles.


- Free sites for managing or manipulating photos; among many -

Blurb.com A place to make your own hard cover or ebook of photos.

Download paint.net here To get the general photo manipulation program paint.net

Dpreview.com Covers digital photography. - cameras, etc. - even your own gallery

Popphoto.com Popular Photography site; photo tips, videos, forums and more

Picasa.com Google's photo management program; some like it and some don't

Updated 2015.2.24

All text below is in "original" format (and content).  Text above is updated, but is more "free-form" format.

These sites are checked periodically, but in case of obsolete listings or suggestions for other useful sites, please notify the Webmaster.   All Internet sites given here are bolded, in italics, and without the "www."

Use automatic updates when offered.  Programs provide free scans and remedial action, unless otherwise stated.  Some are from commercial vendors, but free to individuals.  Others are freeware for which the makers may ask for donations.  Good, helpful "free" programs do deserve our $$ support. 
Here are sites to use for multiple downloads.
download.cnet.com Many downloads, commercial as well as free.
filehippo.com Many downloads, commercial as well as free.
microsoft.com/protect MS security programs free for XP, Vista, & WIN 7.
us-cert.gov The U.S. Govt.  sends technical alerts to your inbox.
Remember to use only ONE antivirus program operating at any one time.
avast.com Use this for avast!
free-av.com Avira antivirus, along with free security tools.
free.grisoft.com This site has AVG protection.
pctools.com Download here for pctools antivirus.
Spyware or malware programs use different techniques, so here (unlike antivirus programs), it may be effective to install and use more than one.
lavasoft.com This downloads the reliable Ad-aware.
safer-networking.org For SpyBot S & D (Search and Destroy).
safety.live.com Free scan and cleanup with MS Live OneCare.
siteadvisor.com McAfee reviews software & warns of risky sites.
superantispyware.com Here, the Home Version is free for single users.
adobe.com THE only site to update your animation Flash Player.
belarc.com Generates an audit of your installed hard/software.
bleepingcomputer.com An information site for computer use and maintenance.
ccleaner.com A fast program to dump accumulated, unneeded files.
foxitsoftware.com A low-memory PDF reader, instead of Adobe Reader.
cutepdf.com A freeware editor to convert other formats to PDF.
formyip.com Find the Identifying Internet number for your computer.
openoffice.com Free word processor, spreadsheet, and presentations.
revouninstaller.com Runs the Uninstall and roots out residual fragments.
secunia.com Inspect your obsolete or outdated software.
techsupportalert.com A general reference site.
wisecleaner.com This site offers a registry cleaner & a disc cleaner.
Free e-mailings, usually monthly or weekly.
internettourbus.com Diverse computer topics in each issue.
komando.com Covers many computer topics in each issue.
pcmag.com Scroll down to the newsletter list, i.e., Security Watch.
scambusters.org This website focuses on scams.
bay.cooslibraries.org Coos Bay Library. Click on LINK to see many specific sites.
info.cclsd.org/non North Bend Library. Click on USEFUL WEBSITES.
aarp.org General information and entertainment for seniors.
blurb.com Self-publish your own stories, trips, photos, etc.
google.com WWW searches, Google Earth, g-mail, shopping, etc.
yahoo.com & msn.com News of all sorts, plus free e-mail, and more.
annualcreditreport.com Get one free credit report per year from each agency.
donotcall.gov Stop unwanted telemarketing and sales phone calls.
opoutprescreen.com Put a five year freeze on unwanted credit card offers.
finance.yahoo.com General financial news sites.
gethuman.com Connect to a real person vs. an answering machine.
morningstar.com Full of financial information, including a free newsletter.
There are many Internet sites dedicated to specific health topics. Do a search for any drug, device, or condition to find multiple sites. A search for "Cancer" will bring cancer.org as the website of the American Cancer Society. A search for "libido" could find anything.
Use reasonable care in deciding if the information on the site deserves confidence.

mayoclinic.com This site, for example, should be trustworthy.
health.nih.gov The National Institutes of Health: many topics.
medicare.gov Information on Medicare coverage and policies.
theworldlink.com Presents our Bay Area news.
oregonian.com Gives news for the whole state of Oregon.
nytimes.com For national and international news.
Here are two of many sites; both sites offer a newsletter.
popphoto.com Photo tips from experts.
dpreview.com This one covers digital photography in particular.
cartalk.com Full spectrum of vehicle information, plus a local mechanic-finder.
edmunds.com This and kbb.com comprise the industry standard for pricing...
kbb.com Kelly Blue Book, covers both new and used vehicles.