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1.    Participate in extra activities offered by your Bay Area Seniors Computer Club.

A.  Take a class given by our members regarding software applications, digital camera use, greeting card production, and more!  Inquire at the sign-in desk at our meetings.

B.  Also, computer help stations are available at 9:15 a.m. prior to the 9:45 a.m. BASCC meetings.   Using the club's computers, members will be on hand to assist anyone who asks for help.

2.    Take classes in our community. 

Both the Coos Bay and North Bend public libraries offer computer instruction. 
Typically these involve beginning computing use, internet navigation, and job skills search.  Call (541) 269-1101 to reach the Coos Bay Library at 525 Anderson Avenue or call  (541) 756-0400 to reach the North Bend Library at 1800 Sherman Avenue.

3.     Sign up for "Brown Bag Computer Classes" through Community Education at Southwestern Oregon Community College, known as SOCC or SWOCC. 
For more information on these classes, call 541-888-7328 or visit www.socc.edu/communityed.  You will instructor-led classes in several subjects for beginner as well as more advanced.  Tuition cost for is under $100 offered on normal schedule.  The Ed2Go section offers online courses also under $100 that cover 24 hours over a 6-week period.

4.     Register for academic classes at our community college.
Call 800-962-2838 to reach Southwestern Oregon Community College at 1988 Newmark Street, Coos Bay, OR 97420.  These classes entail paying for credit tuition.

5.      Participate in the Bandon CyberLynx classes.

Bandon has a public-spirited group, CyberLynx, which offers classes and labs to the public at no fee. It is a non-profit, volunteer organization with the mission to both initiate and support projects that 'bridge the digital divide" in Oregon's South Coast area. Together with the Bandon Public Library, Bandon Library Friends and Foundation, and Heritage Place, the volunteers at Cyberlynx provide computer literacy classes.

For information on their class offerings, visit their web site at www.cyberlynxoregon.org.
6.     Work through tutorials on the Internet.

Take instruction directly from your computer!  This is available 24/7 and is, of course, free.  Use on-line services such as these:

        A.  About.com
             http://u.about.com   offers free Internet courses.
             A variety of topics is available, not just items related to computers.

        B.  Goodwill Community Foundation International
www.gcflearnfree.org   offers an extensive list of free classes in the following categories:
             1.  Blog
             2.  Everyday Life
             3.  Math and Money
             4.  Computer Training
             5.  Online Classes
These are given at a self-paced speed and range from "What is a computer?" to advanced material, such as Excel accounting spreadsheets.

         C.  Hewlett Packard Learning Center
Click on  www.hp.com/go/learningcenter  and scroll down to view the free class offerings.

A "webmasters-to-be" class held in the Cedar Room of the Coos Bay Library.