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The Board consists of five club members elected for a term of one year at a time.  They are nominated
from within the club and elected at the second meeting in June.  After that meeting, they decide among themselves who will assume which office.  They assume their duties at the first meeting in July.
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Rene Reulet  joined the club in February 2006.  He volunteered to take on the task of finding presenters for club meetings after Bob Renner moved from the area.  He was appointed to an at-large position on the board the same day.  By June 2009, he had served two terms as President and is currently in his third term.  He brings with him and exuberant amount of enthusiasm and a "can do" attitude that we all appreciate.

He is originally from Long Island, NY and came to Coos Bay via California in 1971.  After quite a varied career as a machinist with Lockheed, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Forest Service, he retired after 24 years of service from the Beaver Hill Disposal Site as Plant Operator Lead Man. He was a machine shop instructor at Southwestern Oregon Community College.  He says about computers, "They are definitely a learning experience, and I struggle to learn what I can.  That’s why I joined BASCC, to get help and to learn.   It seems that  sometimes computers are very frustrating; and if others are like me, we can all use help now and then.  I also enjoy helping others, so eventually I hope I can give back what I’ve learned to others."

Secretary, Newsletter Editor
John Keenan spent 11 years in Latin America before working  25 years in regulatory compliance for Ecolab in St. Paul, MN.  His 10-15 years of computer contact there were spent  strictly with applications of basic word processing and spread sheets.  They were beige-colored black boxes.  His most daring feat in those years was cleaning lint out of his mouse.  He joined BASCC soon after moving to Coos Bay in late 2001 and got the computer he still uses.   (How old is 6 in computer years?)  Since joining the club, he has learned enough to become more daring, about to the point of his little knowledge being a dangerous thing.  "But the computer still works!"  He has made several presentations based on his online explorations and has served one term on the Board as President.

"Talks over the years have helped me go beyond basics in using the PC.  It's great for lining up travel (10 countries or more), and I consider it indispensable for banking and money management."  My wife considers it indispensable for me to do her shopping beyond Coos Bay, her area of our money management."
Patti Parker.  Patti is a native Oregonian, who was born in Klamath Falls and raised in the Coos Bay Area, where she went through the North Bend School system. In college, she took Office Management and Accounting. While at SWOCC College, she studied computer programming, writing her programs using binary numbers. At that time, a computer might take up a whole room. Years later, she continued on using Commodore-64s to teach her boys while learning to write code for programming.

She worked at Western Bank, Bi-Mart, Bay Area Hospital accounting (when still done “by hand”). Patti finished her working career after being with the North Bend Post Office over 30 years.

She has had a number of hobbies throughout the years, from macramé and sewing to extensive gardening and animals. Hobbies now include travel (not nearly enough) herb growing, canning, genealogy, and lifetime learning.

She has used the computer not only to communicate with friends but also to connect with many cousins “back east.” She made a web site to share pictures and genealogy with the family. She also created a site Facebook site for her high school classmates to chat, to see pictures, and to connect again with others from the same class. “I feel the computer is a wonderful learning tool and can open the world to you.”

To make the most of the computer, she set up lots of categories in the My Documents folder including a Food category that lists all the categories to use as a cook book storage for recipes; an Excel® file to keep track of car expenses through the years (and found her 1993 Subaru, used for work and sold in 1995, cost over $36,000 in total). Patti joined the BASCC computer club and the AARP Tax Helpers when she no longer worked. In 2012-2013, she was a member-at-large in the BASCC computer club.
Klause Radke - Member at Large 2014-2015
Klause Radke
I was one of the first members in 2000.  

Ha and I am making the koffe now for 12 years, haahaa. I was born in Berlin on 2.2.35.  In 1957, I landed in the USA ­ New York. I did a bit of travel, andI have seen circa. 42 States... I am married for 52 years and have 2 children. I was a painter in my working days but now I love to go fishing, if I have time and the sun is shining...


Gary Breeden. I grew up in southern California and obtained an A.A. degree in electronics which led to a lifetime career in the telecommunications industry.

I was involved in many areas of the industry including mobile communications, microwave and eventually fiber optics

We would many times vacation in Oregon to escape the hot desert summers of 115 degree heat. When it became time for me to retire I choose Oregon as my retirement home and I have been happy with my decision.