• Are you interested in getting involved with Linux?  -- Let's talk about that..!
Call Rene, 269-7396, or James, 888-8752. 

  • We have secured the CB Library Cedar Room for Friday May 11th at 10:30 am to 12:30pm. We want to encourage those interested in Linux to come to this meeting. Beginner or long time user no matter we can use help. James has spent untold hours copying different distributions of  Linux program files to thumb drives. So if you have a laptop (or desktop) that you want to have Linux on bring it with you. James can dual boot leaving your operating system in place along with Linux on a separate partition. Perhaps you'd just like to know more Linux. Come to this meeting.
If we find there are people interested, ten signed up at our last club meeting, then we'll arrange for regular meetings at the Library.
If you have questions, please see James or myself on Friday.

    Friday, May 4 th   
     9:45 - 11:00 a.m.

    Getting Smart About Smart Phones

    Smart Phones -
    • Purchasing specs, 
    • basics, 
    • maintenance, 
    • avoiding ad ware and 
    • useful tricks. 
    "One reason I choose this subject is a call I received from a lady in Bandon needing help with her phone, She said it is costing her too much money  -humm! I gave her some phone numbers in Bandon that may be able to help her. Then there have been some wanting info on updating phones... so its time to have a discussion.
    Tim is really good at explaining things in a way seniors can get a hold of. I mean, I think those his age were been born with a cell phone in hand!"

                -- BASCC President Rene Reulet

    Friday, May 18 th

      9:45-11:00 a.m    "   "  

                        Smart Phones -- Part 2                    

    May 18 - Smart Phones Part 2 with Q&A Windows questions as time permits.

    Linux users - If you are interested in this operating system, we are interested in hearing about it. We are beginning to put together a Linux User Group in Coos Bay and surrounding area. Please let us know about your experience or desire to be involved.
    For contact, Call Rene Reulet, 541-269-7396, or J.R. Moore, 541-888-8752

    MAC Computer users - Would you like to be part of our MAC User Group (MUG)? MUG will meet after the BASCC regular meetings from 11 to 11:45 a.m.  For contact, call J.R. Moore, 541-888-8752.

    Our non-profit club encourages the use of and knowledge about computers among the senior population of our community, as well as the general public.  We have been an established club since 2000 and maintain a membership of about 100.  We meet the first and third Fridays of each month.  Click here for more information about meeting location, dues, classes, and more.  

    Come to a meeting, contact a member of the Board of Directors, or e-mail the President at cbasccpres@gmail.com to learn more about our club.

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