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    Friday, Jan. 4 th   
     9:45 - 11:00 a.m.


    Friday, 2019-January-4.

         BASCC welcomes all who would like to be involved in learning, teaching and helping people with computers and related devices. 
         This is our first meeting of the New Year, 2019. We will depart a bit from our usual programming to allow all of our member to meet to discuss how we would like our club to move forward into this new year. 
         Join in on Friday's interactive round table discussion  where we will take and collate suggestions to plan for 2019 in the form of a survey. 
         The membership has been diminishing in the past several years. Our future viability as a club depends on an interested, active and engaged membership. We will ask for your help in pointing ways for the Board and interested members to reinvigorate our club. This cannot be a simple one-time meeting, some talk about what is needed. No - it will need action and new members and, most importantly, it will need the investment of time and effort from the existing membership - your activity for the club and about the club during your time out and about in the community talking to your friends, acquaintances and, yes, even strangers.
          How can we better help you? Your input is important to us. Got a computer or a new device? Are you a novice or advanced user? Need some help with old or new technology? Now is the time to join up with BASCC this year to get and give back. 

    We are here to help and may be absolutely sure your talent and your questions can help others.


    Friday, Jan 18 th

      9:45-11:00 a.m    "   "  

                       "To  Be  Announced"      

    Suggestions for a program are welcomed.  Call or email:
    or to any Board member, which you may find on the "Board of Directors" tab of this site: 

    Linux users - If you are interested in this operating system, we are interested in hearing about it. We are beginning to put together a Linux User Group in Coos Bay and surrounding area. Please let us know about your experience or desire to be involved.
    For contact, Call Rene Reulet, 541-269-7396, or J.R. Moore, 541-888-8752

    MAC Computer users - Would you like to be part of our MAC User Group (MUG)? MUG will meet after the BASCC regular meetings from 11 to 11:45 a.m.  For contact, call J.R. Moore, 541-888-8752.

    Our non-profit club encourages the use of and knowledge about computers among the senior population of our community, as well as the general public.  We have been an established club since 2000 and maintain a membership of about 100.  We meet the first and third Fridays of each month.  Click here for more information about meeting location, dues, classes, and more.  

    Come to a meeting, contact a member of the Board of Directors, or e-mail the President at cbasccpres@gmail.com to learn more about our club.

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