Seeking Church Planter for Central Michigan University

The Bay Area Baptist Association (BABA) of Michigan in partnership with Harmony Baptist Church of Mount Pleasant, Michigan and (hopefully) the North American Mission Board (NAMB) via the Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM)… 

Are seeking and praying for God’s direction regarding a church planter to move to the Mount Pleasant, Michigan area and plant a church near the Central Michigan University campus.  There is already a Southern Baptist church in the area that is willing to be the mother/sponsor church of this new plant.  With extra assistance from BABA and NAMB, we desire to minister the gospel to this university of almost 20,000 students.  This campus is a mission field; planting a church here and reaching many with the gospel will have ripple effects all around the world. 

Might God be leading you to pursue this opportunity?  If so, please contact me, David Roberts, Associational Missionary with the BABA.  Call 989-631-9421, email:, and send a resume.  I am working directly with NAMB CPCs (Church Planting Catalysts) and Harmony Baptist Church to help make this happen. 

There is no guarantee that this would be a fully-funded position, however, NAMB is now putting more funding toward these kinds of plants.  So, there is a good possibility that full funding could occur between NAMB/BSCM, BABA, Harmony Baptist Church and any other partnering/supporting churches that come on board. 

At this point, the receiving of resumes is open-ended.