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Welcome to the home of the Silverblade family and the Kingdom of Cal'Thel.This is a game world I created for use in any fantasy campaign based off of my adventures in AD&D. This site, I hope, will help inspire others to role play fantasy adventures in what ever system you like. Keep in mind all of the items listed here are designed around AD&D and adapted to subsequent versions, yes even 4th edition.

All of this came about from a single character, a Cavalier I named Bayard Silverblade. Now keep in mind we all know the Cavalier to be a bit over powered in comparison to other classes in AD&D but luckily for me my friend(and DM) didn't mind me driving him mad with this knight. As he and his fellow adventurers traveled and leveled, a world started to for out of his adventures.Early on I had his brothers join him on a few quests and they didnt fair quit as well, but this only made the telling of his tale grander for me.

When 2nd edition came to the shelves I started from scratch, using Bayard as the template I created the next generation of his family, appropriately named Bayard Silverblade II.

Knights of Kar'thas Army  
Knights of Knossus Army  
Knights of Stralech Army  
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  • Last Time in Cal'Thel..... The current adventure my friend Greg has been running involves two brothers: Quinn and Bayard Silverblade(the 3rd). Quinn is a Knight of Kar'thas, following in his families tradition ...
    Posted Dec 20, 2011, 9:48 AM by Rodney Ford
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