BAVM 2011

BAVM 2011 will take place at Google on Mar 7, 2011.  The Bay Area Vision Meeting (BAVM) is an informal gathering (without a printed proceedings) of academic and industry researchers with interest in computer vision and related areas.  The goal is to build community among vision researchers in the San Francisco Bay Area, however, visitors and travelers from afar are also encouraged to attend and present.  New research, previews of work to be shown at upcoming vision conferences, reviews of not-well-publicized work, and descriptions of "work in progress" are all welcome.

NEW: Some videos of the talks are available now.

  • Kristine Romano
  • Andrea Frome
  • Sally Goldman
  • Luc Vincent
  • Mei Han
  • Vivek Kwatra
  • Sergey Ioffe
  • Raquel Romano
  • Thomas Leung