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Linda and Steve Bauer have been writing and lecturing for over 30 years. Their books on this site represent only a few of their many varied experiences and travels. Look here again for more volumes of the “Recipes from …” series, as well as several other writing projects. Their biographies and lecture titles appear below.


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CHAMELEON This work of fiction is modern politics overlaid on historical fact. A Beaumont, Texas detective discovers a unique use for stolen identities. His investigation implicates the highest levels of the government and leads him to a cruise in the Caribbean which results in an attack on the ship in the Panama Canal.  Follow Ryan Galatoire as he pursues a mystery that began at the end of the Civil War. 

By Stephen Bauer $10


The Math of Christ uses the science of math to evaluate whether or not Christ fulfilled forty prophecies from the Old Testament, and is the Messiah spoken of by the Bible. Readers will also discover how many other prophecies in the Bible have already come true, how the Bible is full of science knowledge revealed centuries before man actually discovered these facts, how the Earth was made specifically for man to live in, how the entire history of the Jewish nation prophesies the coming of Christ, and how this message sent to man centuries before is authenticated. 

By Stephen Bauer    $10.00 






Capitol Hill Cooks contains the recipes of every President from George Washington to Barack Obama as well as many members of Congress. Half of the proceeds of this book will go directly to Homes For Our Troops, a national non-profit non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2004 that builds or converts homes for the use of severely disabled servicemen and servicewomen. You can read more about the organization at

By Linda Bauer     $20.00






Recipes from Historic New England

continues the series on historic buildings that offer great food. The White Barn Inn on the cover is in Kennebunkport, near the George H. W. Bush home.



By Linda and Steve Bauer     $15.00




Recipes from Historic California has the cream of the state's restaurants located in historic buildings.  From the Hotel Del Coronado in the south to the French Laundry in the north, these restaurants will delight you with exceptionally good food, surrounded by fantastic history.

By Linda and Steve Bauer     $20.00



 Recipes from Historic Colorado features 46 restaurants across the Centennial State from the metropolis of Denver (named after the Governor of Kansas Territory) to the serene mountains of Aspen (once a major source of silver).  


  By Linda and Steve Bauer    $15.00 


Recipes from Historic America
combines stories from the past with enticing recipes and information for visiting or contacting the establishments. This combination cookbook, history book and travel companion is an effort to help visitors, locals and gourmands enjoy some of the finest food, and the most interesting restaurants in our country.
 By Linda and Steve Bauer  $20.00

Recipes from Historic Louisiana is a collection of favorite recipes from chefs at 48 enduring eating establishments, all at home in storied buildings across Louisiana, from Alexandria through Evangeline Country to venerable New Orleans.  Intriguing stories combined with tantalizing recipes and over 100 pictures enable the reader to discover the pure joy of dining throughout historic Louisiana. Part of the proceeds from this book goes to the Hurricane Recovery Fund of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.



By Linda and Steve Bauer      $12.00



Recipes from Historic Texas is a collection of 66 Texas restaurants located in historic buildings scattered across the great state of Texas. The book describes the history of the buildings, contact information and the hours of operation and provides 132 recipes from the establishments. Travel across Texas and dine in a former church, feed store, boiler room, city hall, grocery store, bank, elegant mansion or gas station. Every stop is a unique experience. Learn where the nation discovered fast food and where the term “car hops” developed. It all happened in Texas.

By Linda and Steve Bauer      $14.00



At Ease in the White House
is a vivid account of the life of former military aide Colonel Stephen Bauer, and his experiences in working for Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and George H. W. Bush. This revised edition includes new chapters about Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush and their relationships with the military personnel assigned to the White House. This picture of the presidents Steve worked for is the first time in the history of America that five presidents have posed for a picture.


By Col Stephen Bauer    $20.00



The American Sampler Cookbookstarted as a literal dream to fight world hunger.  It became a reality with the help of then Senator Metzenbaum and then Congressman John Kasich of Ohio and President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan.  The kind cooperation of dedicated statesmen (both Republicans and Democrats) and their families created a beautiful book which helped the Red Cross in their endeavors.
By Linda Bauer   $25.00 


The Homeschool Handbook is a practical booklet which will help you survive and avoid some of the pitfalls of homeschooling. Save time and money by selecting the best curriculum and discovering a multitude of other resources key to successful homeschooling.


By Linda Bauer     $6.00


The New American Sampler Cookbook is second in the American Sampler series. This volume was written during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush, and once again, many politicians in Washington, D.C. contributed their favorite recipes to benefit charity. This collection was created to aide World Vision which establishes programs worldwide in helping to bring water and food to those in need.


By Linda Bauer     $25.00


The Great American Sampler Cookbookfeatures 210 great recipes, a delectable collection of regional and ethnic specialties, gourmet masterpieces, and down-home classics. From President George W. Bush’s Baked Potato Soup to Senator John Kerry’s Massachusetts Cranberry Bread, you will discover a delicious sampling of appetizers, soups, salads, party dishes, main courses and desserts for casual or elegant dining. All royalties from this book go to the National Center for Family Literacy.


By Linda Bauer      $20.00


How to Sell to the United States Governmentis a book for every small business owner (in addition to large corporations) whose aim is to increase both sales volume and profits. Besides tanks, America needs thumbtacks, as well as almost any manufactured article one can imagine, from pots and pans to television sets and radios, and almost anything in between. Our government sustains thousands of small businesses with millions of jobs generated in the process, and enterprising entrepreneurs using this book can be included.
  By Steve Bauer    $3.00

 Linda Bauer

The Honorable Linda Bauer is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and has an MS degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. She has been a self-syndicated food and travel columnist for a variety of newspapers and has written columns for the past 27 years. She has also written for a news bureau. Linda has freelanced with many magazines such as World and I, Virginia Magazine, and Military Lifestyle. She was a contributor to Good Old Food, by Irena Chalmers, Windows on the World, a travel directory, and Cherished Poems of the Western World. She has written columns and restaurant reviews in New York, Columbus and Cleveland Ohio, and for the Journal in Washington, DC.  Linda has appeared at the National Press Club, Kentucky and Ohio Book Fairs. She has been a featured speaker at Southwest and Texas Book Festivals, numerous Food and Wine Festivals and several World Cruises. She is a frequent lecturer for numerous and varied organizations on literacy, education, travel, food and writing. Titles include:


                                                            So You Want To Write A Book?

                                                            How To Get Published

                                                            Great Getaways

                                                                                                              The Joy of Dining

Linda is the author of The American Sampler Cookbook, with the favorite recipes of the President and Congress, published by Medallion and the second printing by McClanahan. The New American Sampler Cookbook, a sequel was published by Kent State University Press. The advances and royalties were donated to the American Red Cross and World Vision respectively. The books were featured on CNN, The Today Show, CBS This Morning and numerous other programs and radio shows. The Food Network featured her cookbooks on two of their programs. The third book in this series is The Great American Sampler Cookbook. All the royalties from this book will go to the National Center for Family Literacy.
Capitol Hill Cooks is the fourth book in this series and benefits Helping A Hero.

Linda also co-authored Recipes from Historic Texas, with her husband, Colonel Steve Bauer. It is a collection of 66 restaurants all located in historic buildings in Texas, and it contains the history of each building and 132 of the chef’s favorite recipes. Together, they have continued the series with Recipes from Historic America, Recipes from Historic Louisiana with a portion of the proceeds from the Louisiana book going to hurricane relief, Recipes from Historic Colorado, Recipes from Historic California and Recipes from Historic New England. The Bauers live in the Houston area. Both Steve and Linda were honored as Champions of Literacy at a December 2005 event that raised over $150,000 for Literacy Advance in Houston. Steve and his wife Linda have two boys. 


Linda Bauer is a member of the International Association of Cooking Professionals, International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association- former Regional Director, American Pen Women, and earned her CTI designation from Toastmasters International. She has been listed in Who’s Who in American Women and Who’s Who in the Media numerous times. She is a past member of the National Food Editors and Writers Association and current member of National Trust for Historic Preservation.


She is a former Capitol Hill Intern during Watergate, a teacher in Ohio and Bogotá, Colombia, and an educational administrator in Virginia. She was elected to a two-year term on the Texas State Board of Education in 2002 and represented 1.5 million constituents.



 Colonel Stephen M. Bauer, USA (Ret)


Author and lecturer, Colonel Stephen M. Bauer served longer as a military aide than anyone in the history of the White House. Under Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter, he was responsible for supervising the conduct of numerous social and ceremonial functions for the First Family. He later held a staff position under Presidents Reagan and Bush. His books, At Ease in the White House and How to Sell to the United States Government are based on his experiences in working for these five Presidents.


Steve retired from the Army in 1993 after 28 years of service. His military career included a variety of assignments including Infantry combat tours in Vietnam and the DMZ in Korea and a tour with the President's Honor Guard, as well as a number of positions on the business side of the Army. Steve was born in Albany, Oregon in an Army family. He was a Distinguished Military Graduate from Texas A&M in 1965 with a BBA and from George Washington University in 1975 with an MBA in Government Procurement and Contracting. During an extended period in Washington, D.C., Steve performed collateral duty as a Military Social Aide at the White House from November 1971 to September 1977.  He also had a direct part in several Presidential funerals.


Steve’s awards include the Presidential Service Badge, Combat Infantryman's Badge, Parachute Badge, Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, three Defense Meritorious Service Medals, Army Meritorious Service Medal, and two Army Commendation Medals among others.  


Steve has lectured on his White House experiences for the past 31 years, appearing on the Joan Rivers Show, the Joy Behar Show, and numerous TV news programs such as Fox, CBS and NBC. Both Steve and Linda appeared on CNN News from Mombasa, Kenya during the hijacking of the US flagged freighter, the Alabama. Col Bauer has also been a featured speaker on several World Cruises, more than 25 international cruise ships, The 2005 Texas Book Festival, a variety of fundraisers for civic events, the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M, dozens of luncheon and dinner clubs, the CIA headquarters at Langley, and the Texas Legislative Wives Club. Steve is represented by several speakers bureaus.


A standard Lecture Presentation of “Social Life in the White House” on land can be 20-75 minutes. Lectures at sea can include up to 9 different 45-minute presentations. The lectures and the book cover interesting and humorous anecdotes on every President from LBJ to Donald Trump.


Audio visual request for lecture appearances: Projector for my laptop PowerPoint, screen, hands-free lapel mike, podium with light, and power connection for laptop.