Who We Are

The Honor Code Committee is comprised of current Bauer MBA graduate students from the MBA Advisory Board. These students meet regularly to plan and execute programs to inform their peers about the expectations of the school and student community for academic honesty. In occurrences of alleged academic dishonesty, committee members serve as representatives of the student body during any hearings.

Why Have an Honor Code Committee?

The Houston community has witnessed how the ethical failings of business leaders can negatively impact the lives of entire communities. As Bauer students prepare to step into tomorrow’s leadership roles, we aim to reinforce strong ethical behavior within our college so that we are better prepared to act responsibly when we step beyond the classroom and into the boardrooms of America. This group exists to facilitate understanding and adherence to the Bauer’s principals of academic honesty.

How to Join

For more information about serving on the Honor Code Committee, please see the MBA Advisory Board's Applicants page.