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Modal verbs: obligation, advice, prohibition, speculation & deduction


1.-They are auxiliary verbs. They don't require  the auxiliary 'do' in their negative or interrogative forms:

                -He shouldn't go shopping so often
                -Can you speak English?

2.-We add 'not' to form the negative: 

               -We shouldn't go to that party.
               -You mustn't smoke here.

3.-No 's/es' for the 3rd person singular:

                -She must study harder for the exam.
                -He should go to the dentist.

4.-They are followed by the infinitive without to (except for 'ought to'and 'have to'):
               -She should visit her grandmother.
               -I could swim when I was 4.

5.-They don't have an infinitive, an -ing form or a past participle.

6.-They convey an attitude or mood:

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