Aubrey Beardsley,
    English illustrator and author, did a lot of work with black ink. Influenced the art nouveau and aesthetic movement  in art. Did a lot of controversial artwork, signified by his erotic and grotesque work in black and white.

Egon Schiele,
    Australian painter of the expressionism period in art. His art was mainly portraiture, and his line work represented his signature. Known for pornography and erotica, his work was focused on death, love, and discovery. Also painted tributes to Van Gogh's work.
Helmut Newtown,
    German-Australian photographer, worked in fashion photography. His work appears in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. His work inspired theatre photography and black and white trends in photography. 
Ani DiFranco, 
    American singer, guitarist, and poet. As a feminist icon, her lyrics and expression inspired Boyd in terms of artistic expression. Many of her lyrics and poetry are focused on overcoming social issues, and some find it controversial. Boyd's fondness towards DiFranco extends to her ability to master many styles in guitar including fingerpicking, staccato, and irony in her music.

Miles Davis,
    American jazz musician, trumpeter, bandleader, and composer. Influential musician of the 20th century, Davis's musical styles influenced Boyd because of his artistic expression in his music. Davis had music focused on individual expression, emphatic interaction, and creative responses.

Mike Patton,
    Songwriter and vocalist, most known from the band Faith No More. Boyd's inspiration derived from Patton's lyrics and ability to master many musical genres. Patton's vocals touch on growling, opera, beat boxing, rapping, falsetto, and crooning.

Priscilla Dolly Wiseman & Charles Boyd,
    Parents of Brandon Boyd. Musically inspired him since he was little, with both parents being involved in entertainment. Boyd's brothers also become band members.