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v0.15 Released

posted 8 Oct 2010, 05:33 by Owain Cole
Tha latest release concentrates on allowing the player to control multiple tanks. This is a precursor to a mission based adaptation to the game, although the arcade version will still be supported. To control other tanks on your team, go to the map view (by clicking on the map) and tap on the tank on your team that you want to control. There is also a zoom control.

We've added a feedback button to allow more useful feedback to be collated too just using a google form.

Hopefully the next release will feature a mission, and perhaps turret control on the tanks. Oh, and shadows on the bullets might be helpful.

Anyway, enjoy the progress so far.

Minor tweaks:
Corrected lighting model for floor.
Changed distance from tank to camera.
Lights now mounted on player tanks.