v0.17 Released

posted 21 Oct 2010, 08:10 by Owain Cole   [ updated 22 Oct 2010, 02:20 ]

This update has been delayed due to my wife giving birth to our 4th child! However between sleeping and burping I've managed to add a few updates as promised on the last post. Namely turret control ( via swiping the screen) and also, due to the number of people complaining about orientation not working for them,  D-pad movement control via the touch screen. You can enable the D-pad using the options screen which is available when you press menu.

The tank now stops moving while you're aiming with the turret, although you can shoot from the hip on the move if you like. (Note no multi-touch if you're using the D-PAD, just let go of the D-PAD and then hit the fire button).

There is also a different game type - "Hold the Ring" where you have to stay inside the ring for 60 seconds without the enemy entering the ring to win. If the other side hold the ring for 60 seconds, you loose; or you can just kill all the other player's tanks.

Hopefully the next release will have a few more feature additions such as alternative weapon types, and more of an objective based mission. Also a few more terrains. I'll be working on making the tanks on your side a bit more cooperative. At the moment they seem to just want to shoot each other or you ;)

Again, please keep the feedback coming, and remember if you put your e-mail address in, then I will respond to your concerns.

I'm hoping our graphics artist gets back from holiday soon, so we can start to work on the textures and controls. The development ones are wearing a bit thin....

v0.15 Released

posted 8 Oct 2010, 05:33 by Owain Cole

Tha latest release concentrates on allowing the player to control multiple tanks. This is a precursor to a mission based adaptation to the game, although the arcade version will still be supported. To control other tanks on your team, go to the map view (by clicking on the map) and tap on the tank on your team that you want to control. There is also a zoom control.

We've added a feedback button to allow more useful feedback to be collated too just using a google form.

Hopefully the next release will feature a mission, and perhaps turret control on the tanks. Oh, and shadows on the bullets might be helpful.

Anyway, enjoy the progress so far.

Minor tweaks:
Corrected lighting model for floor.
Changed distance from tank to camera.
Lights now mounted on player tanks.

v0.9 Released

posted 27 Sept 2010, 01:50 by Owain Cole

This update tries to address a few of the issues raised by review comments, which was not my priority during development but it seems silly to keep getting the same comments! So you've now got a fire button and you can't drive through the houses.
We've also moved the game on with the inclusion of a very simple map mode, terrain height, and projectiles (and tanks actually) affected by gravity.
For the future:
The game map is intended to facilitate coordination and control of multiple different tanks, setting their destination for ai, etc.
We're also going to play around with providing turret control for the players tanks perhaps using touch to allow you to rotate a turret and alter the up/down (sure there's a technical term) of the gun.
Anyway, enjoy the new version.

v0.6 Released

posted 17 Sept 2010, 02:22 by Owain Cole   [ updated 21 Oct 2010, 08:10 ]

We release v0.6 yesterday to clear up a ForceClose which was occurring when all of the tanks had been destroyed including the player tank. The camera had nothing to look at so was complaining ;)
We've also varied the height of points along the floor to cause a pleasant looking undulation.

Some people are complaining about control issues. In general this is something I'm concerned about as it's quite hard for the game to determine whether the user has calibrated the orientation sensor or not. Perhaps we need a calibration tutorial which runs on startup.

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