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Star Trek

Battlestar Galactica (2003) aka nBSG

Star Wars

Babylon 5

Super Ships and Meme Ships

ZOMG! The Next Generation

 New versions again, of all three ships.  They have new armaments and such. As you can see, the Galaxy has a new array setup, fewer firing spots on the saucer and all of the spots have more Beamers each.  The Intrepid also has more Beamers and the Defiant has Gatling Pulsers now.  I'm still wondering whether it's really better or not, I like it in some ways more than others.  For instance, its beams look more like the ones from Nemesis because they glow brighter with more beams overlapping. As before, the old versions are still up, so you can decide what you like more. - 7/11/07

StarfleetGalaxyClass09.sbl   StarfleetGalaxyClass09.shp

StarfleetIntrepidClass05.sbl   StarfleetIntrepidClass05.shp

StarfleetDefiantClass07.sbl  StarfleetDefiantClass07.shp

New versions of my Starfleet ships. For the Galaxy, I increased its firepower from the saucer. The Intrepid gets a new hull. The defiant is, well it's changed. Of course, this is also the first time you guys are seeing this. They all have a bunch of changes I can't recall and they won't replace the old files. Attempting to balance these guys is an ongoing process that may never end. I think I got lucky with my nBSG ships. - 7/4/07

OLD Starfleet

StarfleetGalaxyClass07.sbl  StarfleetGalaxyClass07.shp

StarfleetGalaxyClass05.sbl  StarfleetGalaxyClass05.shp


StarfleetIntrepidClass04.sbl  StarfleetIntrepidClass04.shp

StarfleetIntrepidClass01.sbl  StarfleetIntrepidClass01.shp


StarfleetDefiantClass06.sbl  StarfleetDefiantClass06.shp


The Colonial Battlestar is balanced to the Cylon Basestar and vice versa. As per nBSG canon, the battlestar can take on two basestars, but not three. The armaments are only scaled down from the show, other than that, the positions are relatively correct and the ships should fight much like they do in the show. Also, their relative sizes are pretty close to what they should be.

The Cylon Basestar probably took me about an hour, mostly because of positioning of the parts. The Colonial Basestar took me more than five hours in preparation, thought, and execution.

Updated with slightly more PD, making the arrangement more canon and the engagement range is now 800, making the ship more idiot proof. I'm going to follow this up with a strength increase to the basestar. - 6/24/07



Updated, it now has 16 more drone launchers and its not quite as wide. - 6/25/07



Right now in a page very, very close, a ship was hosted. *cue music*

Another RayCav creation hosted by your's truly.





This one's made by me. It should be noted this isn't balanced to anything.

The Millennium Falcon's appearance has also been updated once again. No new picture. - 6/28/07

Updated, aesthetic changes made. - 6/27/07

Babylon 5

Starfury.sbl Starfury.shp

It should be noted I didn't make the original hull for this, I only modified it to my liking and posted it here. I can't recall who did make it originally.

Super and Meme Ships



You're asking, why did he name it that? I was going for something a bit different in naming and it's actually rather descriptive and artsy, without resorting to another language. The name describes the ship's glow, the number of beams it has, 30 plus one gluon bolter, of which there are actually two, and the fact that this beautiful site is the end for those who witness it and it's pointyness . I don't like poetry that much but it worked well here



Images of the prehistoric I'ma firin' ma beamz!, predecessor to the I'mah Firin' Mah Laserz.



"I came here with a simple dream. A dream of killing all humans. And this is how it must end? Who's the real 7 billion ton robot monster here? Not I, not I..."

Sadly he has no legs due to the limits of the ship builder's build area.

Explosive Diarrhia Productions, ltd presents Bender by RayCav.

Those stats are old, she's faster and stronger now.

Bender got shooped.