For lack of a better name, these ships are "canon", they're ones I made that are supposed to fit into the Battleships Forever universe, rather than outside universes.


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This image is outdated. 

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Beta-Beta.sbl Beta-Beta.shp

This is the Beta-Beta, the extremely unoriginal named and heavily rebuilt shipyard inspired by the Beta byEöl. The changes in my version are as follows:

I made it more in line with the human ships by eliminating the alien sections. I added drone launchers, instead of having pod launchers, I like the idea of the drones are like work bees from Star Trek. I also removed the glass jaw the Beta had since each section was connected in sequence, now the section hubs are tied to the main section and sub-sections are connected to section hubs. This makes the ship much much stronger. I also reinforced the main section by giving it four extra sub-sections, I felt it was too vulnerable for a decentralized structure. The problem with doing the ship like this is it makes one side stronger than the other, even though it effectively hides the main section. Having completely rebuilt the Beta to make the Beta-Beta, I think it would have been far easier to use the small section where the tractor beam goes and just build one side, mirror, and that would be that.

Think of the Platform Deployers as hull section manufacturers, the tractor beam moves those parts into place, where the Mining Lasers and Nanomatrixes combine the pieces. The Drone Launchers create vehicles for various tasks. In combat, these devices are repurposed to create defense platforms, and Demeter Drones. If you can pull a ship into the center of the yard with the tractor beam, the Mining lasers can finish it off. However, this ship is purely defensive and supportive, it's not meant to go on the offense since it's hull sections are weak.

It should be noted that the current version has 100 HP, not 150, I may change this back to 150 HP. 




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GrabAss.sbl GrabAss.shp






Enyo.sbl Enyo.shp This is based on what I saw of the Enyo.  I don't know its stats, so I just made some up.








EnyoII.sbl EnyoII.shp Extremely powerful, this craft should probably be weakened in some way.







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ProteusBeta.sbl ProteusBeta.shp