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Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I lost interest to some degree. However, I've just come up with a new ship. Actually, I have a few ships I never posted but those have to wait. In the mean time, try my Alien Battleship. It's not the greatest but might serve as a spring board for your thoughts. - 8/13/07

AlienBattleship.sbl AlienBattleship.shp 










Now you can actually see the progress I did on the Pegasus. - 7/12/07


 The good news is that I've updated my Star Trek ships, you know how to get there. I also did a little work on my overdue nBSG Pegasus. - 7/11/07

Two new ships based on what I saw at the forum today. They can be found on the "canon" page. - 7/9/07

     EnyoII.sbl EnyoII.shp                                                                        Enyo.sbl Enyo.shp       

New Page, "Canon" ships, the link will be on the current SHIPS page. This page contains ships that are not really canon but that are meant to fit into the Battleships Forever universe. Eight new ships debut with this page. I'm also reorganizing the other pages in an attempt to make them more easily navigated. - 7/8/07 It turns out it was a pretty big undertaking for me to install anchor references but it was totally worth it. Now you can jump to the different sections of the ship page from links at the top but the "canon" ships still have their own page linked to from the Ships page. - 1:33 AM 

Update to the WIP page. - 7/05/07 

New versions of my Starfleet ships. For the Galaxy, I increased its firepower from the saucer. The Intrepid gets a new hull. The defiant is, well it's changed. Correction, the Defiant is new. They all have a bunch of changes I can't recall and they won't replace the old files. - 7/4/07







A new ship based on the SHip balancing thread. Here's the Proteus Beta, unlike the Proteus it's actually good, faster, stronger, and all around more fun. It doesn't close in too much like its predecessor either. - 7/3/07