7th TN Cavalry
Battle of Triune
Living History Event and Battle Reenactment
April 11 & 12, 2015
Hosted at Kings' Chapel / Arrington, TN
4980 Meadowbrook Blvd, Arrington, TN 37014 (Hwy 96 East)

Reenactment groups that will have members at the event are:

Civilian Groups

19th AL Civilian – Living History Village

The Confederate Belles of TN (will host a tea on Saturday for female reenactors)

Military Groups

1st TN, 8th TN, 46th TN, 48th TN & Elk River Rifles,

9th KY US, 13th KY US with members of the  6th KY 27th AL and 35th AL  

Maury Light Artillery, Porters Battery, Baxter Battery

7th TN Cavalry

Some of the Historical Impressionist that are attending

General George Thomas (US)

General Bedford Forrest (CSA)

  Porters' Battery

 9th KY  Infantry (US)
 1st TN Infrantry Co. D (Williamson Grays)

  • Battle Reenactments on Saturday and Sunday afternoons were open to the public  
    • Saturday: The Battle of Triune (Dec 27, 1862)
    • Sunday: Confederate Raids on Federal Fortification at Triune (June 6, 1863)
 19th AL Civilian Corp

Educational Component:

Civilian Camps, Saturday Lecture and Historical Church Service on Sunday
Camps open to the public from 11:00 AM til 4:30 PM on Saturday and Sunday
  • 19th AL Civilian Corp presenting civilian life during the Civil War
  • Lecture Series (TBA)
  • Small Arms Demonstrations by Doug Soileau
  • Civil War Sermon

Brief History:

Triune was a thriving area of Middle Tennessee prior to the Civil War and was occupied

by Federal troops in January 1863.  There was a battle on Dec 27, 1862 as Confederate

brigades under General Braxton Bragg encountered Federal troops on their way to

Murfreesboro for what would be the Battle of Stones River a few days later.  After Confederate

forces were defeated at Triune, the Federal Army occupied the area and erected fortifications. 

Between April and June 1863 there were several cavalry skirmishes lead by

General Bedford Forrest.  The local people resisted Federal occupation and many

were detained.  Many of the area homes and churches were destroyed by fires

during these military actions of 1863.



Triune is an unincorporated town that has gas stations/convenience stores
and a saddle/gun shop (that sells black power for cannons).  Today, in the 
local area, there are still sections of the Federal trenches on private property.
   Kings' Chapel (circa 1804)

Kings' Chapel is a housing community in Arrington, TN with over 600 acres of open and wooded land

available for this event. The historical church building will be the location for the Living History

provided by the 19th AL Civilian Corps. There will also be several lectures and a Civil War era

church service on Saturday and Sunday.  There will be large areas set aside for military camps

in the nearby wooded areas.  The event will have plenty of public parking. 



 Jeremy Johnson and Rev. Alan Corry at Kings' Chapel