Updates & Announcements

Welcome to the new Battlefield Horse Show Association website.

**Attention Exhibitors:
The deadline to report any points discrepancies for points through May 31st is July 31st. Please review your points through May 31st carefully and submit any points issues to BHSAPoints@gmail.com before July 31st or the points will stand as posted.

*You must join BHSA before or on the day of the horse show for points to count.
Points will not count for a show if you join afterwards. BHSA does not retro-activate points.

New for 2018:

BHSA will be
awarding medals for the Forrest Linton Classic for 1st through 3rd places.
You can find more info about Forrest Linton and the Classics under Show Info.
See the list of 2018 Forrest Linton Classic dates on our Calendar page!

  • There are no current cancellations or changes.

Photography by Lily Peterson @capriciousequestrian