Updates & Announcements

Banquet photos courtesy of
Samantha Parkes Photography

Rule Updates& Changes for 2020:

 *Effective December 1, 2019 the BHSA requires that all Hunter Shows posted courses
must include the distance between fences on all direct lines 108’or less.
(Note:  This is in accordance with the USEF National Rules.
*Effective December 1, 2019 the Junior/AA Jumper Equitation class can be offered
at 2’9” in addition to 2’6” and 3’.

*The Hunter Benefit Show will return to regular (single) points scale for 2020,
with the exception of both Forrest Linton Classics which will remain double points.
The Hunter Benefit will remain a Bonus Show (in addition to Top 10).


  • The Locke Meadows Horse Show scheduled for 6/21 is NOT sanctioned by BHSA.

The BHSA Board of Directors requests that all members and show managers adhere
to the Governor's Guidelines for horse shows as we move through the Phases of reopening,
in hopes of keeping everyone safe. (see page 42)

Photography by Lily Peterson @capriciousequestrian