About Sergeants

Hello, I am
Sgt Sifty C
ommander of Easy Company and founder of the Team Sergeants on Gamebattles.  We are a chill team mostly laid back.  We are not aggressive or get in anyone's face. All and all we are a good team with some impressive people on it, we work together as a team and i am also big on (C.O.C) or Chain Of Command(See Rules for C.O.C)

      This team is for Battlefield 3 and only Battlefield 3.We host tryouts on Xbox live In the battlefield 3 Beta and in BFBC2 or MOH.  We accept players that are vocal, really good and show leadership no matter what the rank.  Players with commonsense that know what to do when it needs to be done without me telling them.  We need leaders at the moment for Squads and the best one gets the whole 2nd platoon.  You don't have to have Gamebattles account to join but you more than likely will need to make one unless battlelog takes it over.

Go to Recruitment if you are interested in joining.