The Indy Update

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The Awesome Side Column

Really and truly you should be writing this cloumn. I want opinion sketches by either a dedicated writer or just random people. On OHR games. On other engines games. On RPGs in general. On Games in general. Or Life the Universe, and Everything.


So get off your useless backside and write/draw somthing and submit it.


In case you still care...

Well since this is an opinion thing I'll go ahead and say some biased *&^%.


Sure people said get well soon to Bob but who really took a deep look into the murder case. The evidence was there ven thoguh it was flung all about the internets, yet only a brave few took the time to enter the contest. Mad props to them, the rest of us suck and shoudl all let Bob hit us with his mallet.

I really hope the shooter isn't Black...But then again  the Sniper case shocked everybody...

Nathan Karr's etnernal shadow. I need not say more.


This is The Indy Update People. Check here for current (weekly) contest Stats.  Some OHR goings on. Opinion articles and the occasional Oconfession.

Main News

 Indy OHR has launched out into the light. Aimed at encouraging OHRers and general RPG creation fans to link up and create stuff (see webring project) hopefully Indy OHR can come into full force. As it was said n the main page "It's all in the hands of the people."



Well kids, NOHRM is up and running and as people get into releasing stuff, they're earning points. Hopefully this will be a fight to the finish that everyone will benefit from. The contest was originally designed to promote Indy OHR's Launch, but was converted to a month long contest. A a bit of triva,

  •  Indy OHR and NOHRM was thought up in March when BattleBlaze was reading old Septaweekly archives and information on the old OHR olympics.
  • The Original launch date was planned for July but complictions came about. Oddly enough Moogle posted a 'release your game' announcement on the castleparadox announcement boards.

Ever since Buford showed up (and since mysteriously left) things have gotten weird at castle paradox. All of it culminating in Hamster Republic's sweetheart, Bob the Hamster, getting shot. Since then there's been many 'get well soons' and a contest to find out whodunit. Now that the contest is coming to an end hopefully we can finally see an end to this hard hitting event.






Get Well Soon Bob,

       -Indy OHR Staff