-Indy OHR-

-Welcome to the new world-

-Indy Launch-

Maybe just another fringe site. Maybe a a legit extension of the community. The destiny of Indy OHR is in the hands of the people.

I intend for this place to be a free running branch of the OHR community. Just post, talk, whatever. Rules are sparce. Don't flame (too much). Don't Spam (at all). Anything extreme will be handled by staff . Even if your ideas seem off, weird, dumb. just plain unfeasble, post them. Let the free thought flow.


-Ok,Whats New?-

Dude, like everything, the site's new.

Indy OHR is where it's gonna go down.


-So What Can I do?-

Prepare! Register and post in the forums! Gather ideas for games. Send any stories/material you want in the IndyGamer, OHR related or not, to BattleBlaze@Gmail.com  

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