~Current Events~

-National OHR Month-

Well we all for the most part failed at "Release Your Game" month but fear not. There is still hope. Indy OHR is announcing along with its release, National OHR Month!

N.O.H.R.M is an extended contest aimed to contributing more material to the Hamster Republic Community. The Contest Works through a point system. Members can do diffrent things to earn various amounts of points. At the end of the month points will be counted and bonus points will be awarded. The Contest will recognize the top 3 contributers to the contest and will be the first to be entered into the Indy OHR hall of fame.





The Rules Are Simple.

1) Contestants must state in some way or form that they wish to participate

2) Whenever a contestant releases somthing they must make it known in some way. Either PM/Email BattleBlaze, make an announcement, or post in the designated area in the journal section.

Point List.


Get points by releasing various things. The ones with the most points take home the win. This is the chart of things to release and the amount of points they are worth.

Some items on the chart require certain users to verify in order to be redeemed.

  • Releasing a new game = 10 points
  • Updating an exisitng game =5 points
  • Writing a review for a previously unreviewed game =4 points
  • Finding a new bug (will have to be verified by one of the programmers) =2 points
  • Helping Solve an exisiting bug (will have to be verified by one of the programmers) =4 points
  • Contributing to the next issue of Hamsterspeak in the form of a review or an article (Will have to be veriefied by one of the HamsterSpeak staff) =5 points
  • Writing a guide for one of the requested Items on the ohr HOWTO wiki = 2 points
  • Helping a newer member* with some aspect of their game (verified by said new member)= 4 points
  • Releasing new piece of art (music or visual) in the art forum =1 point

*Newer members are generally members with less than 160 post. If there is some dispute over who is a new member a general vote will be taken.

Bonus Points

When it comes down to the wire you might wish you would have gone the extra inch to get some bonus points.

  • Games released using a new WIP feature (game designer should point out where the said feature is used) = 2 bonus points
  • Collab games = 2 bonus points to each designer
  • Games that administer instruction (games like *worthy* graphics) = 5 bonus points
  • Collab games involving newer users= 4 bonus points
  • Games about Hamster Republic itself or the Bob the Hamster shooting= 3 bonus points
  • Games with original music= 1 bonus point
  • Users who participate in other contest during the month (if there are any) = 2 bonus points.

In Closing..

The Contest is now underway. Start working on your projects and promote growth in the OHR community!

Mascot Contest

No it won't help you in NOHRM by gaining points, but it will get you a once in a lifetimespot as the designer of the mascot for Indy OHR


I need 2 pictures. One will be bug (no more than 700x700) and one will be a smaller thumbnail size for banners and the like.

All entries will be showcased on the website, only one will win. Send entries to me by email.

Contest is over at the end of August, good luck!