In my previous research I proposed and developed the model of superdiffusive spin transport as the driving mechanism for the ultrafast demagnetisation. 
I have recently proposed a mechanism of injection of ultrashort spin-current pulses in semiconductors.
My current research focuses on the theoretical treatment of strongly-out-of-equilibrium dynamics in real materials and heterostructures. In particular I am interested in novel phenomena arising from the non trivial interplay of strongly-out-of-equilibrium transport, thermalisation dynamics and formation of transient electromagnetic fields in the ultrafast timescale. 
I am currently interested in 
- Ultrafast spin injection in semiconductors 
- Ultrafast dynamics in topological insulators and low dimensional materials
- THz radiation generation by ferromagnet/heavy metal bilayers
- THz radiation interaction with matter 
- Discontinuous Galerkin approximation of the Boltzmann-Maxwell problem for ultrafast thermalisation/transport


 11/6/2019 Dr Stafano Dal Forno joins the group as a postdoc
 22/1/2019 "Far out-of-equilibrium spin populations trigger giant spin injection into atomically thin MoS2" is published in Nature Physics
 4/1/2019 MSc Yingshu Yang joins the group as a PhD student
 30/10/2018 "Ultrafast Spin‐to‐Charge Conversion at the Surface of Topological Insulator Thin Films" is published in Advanced Materials
 3/8/2018Dr Satyvir Singh joins the group
 27/7/2018"Distinctive picosecond spin polarization dynamics in bulk half metals" is accepted in PRL
 18/7/2018MSc Indrajit Wadgaonkar joins the group as a PhD student
 2/5/2018Mag. Michael Wais joins the group for a 6 months visit
 8/3/2018Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra joins the group
I start my appointment as Nanyang Assistant Professor at NTU Singapore


 19-22/11/2017 "Ultrafast spin injection in semiconductors: the path to THz spintronics"
invited at Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS2017), Singapore


Email: marco (dot) battiato (at) ntu (dot) edu (dot) sg
Phone: (+65) 6513 8039
Office: SPMS/PAP-05-07

School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences / Physics and Applied Physics
Nanyang Technological University
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