In my previous research I proposed and developed the model of superdiffusive spin transport as the driving mechanism for the ultrafast demagnetisation. I have also proposed a mechanism of injection of ultrashort spin-current pulses in semiconductors, which we have recently proved experimentally breaking by several orders of magnitude the previous record of injected spin current amplitude in semiconductors.
Within my group we are working on a numerical method that will allow for the time propagation of the full Boltzmann equation (transport and scattering) far from equilibrium, meaning that no population is assumed to be either at equilibrium or close to it.

Our current research focuses on the theoretical treatment of strongly-out-of-equilibrium dynamics in real materials and heterostructures. In particular we are interested in novel phenomena arising from the non trivial interplay of strongly-out-of-equilibrium transport, thermalisation dynamics and formation of transient electromagnetic fields in the ultrafast timescale. 
We are currently interested in 
- Ultrafast spin injection in semiconductors 
- Ultrafast dynamics in topological insulators and low dimensional materials
- THz radiation generation by ferromagnet/heavy metal bilayers
- THz radiation interaction with matter 
- Discontinuous Galerkin approximation of the Boltzmann-Maxwell problem for ultrafast thermalisation/transport


 31/3/2020 "Terahertz Excitonics in Carbon Nanotubes: Exciton Autoionization and Multiplication" is published in Nano Letters
 11/6/2019 Dr Stefano Dal Forno joins the group as a postdoc
 22/1/2019 "Far out-of-equilibrium spin populations trigger giant spin injection into atomically thin MoS2" is published in Nature Physics
 4/1/2019 MSc Yingshu Yang joins the group as a PhD student
 30/10/2018 "Ultrafast Spin‐to‐Charge Conversion at the Surface of Topological Insulator Thin Films" is published in Advanced Materials
 3/8/2018Dr Satyvir Singh joins the group
 27/7/2018"Distinctive picosecond spin polarization dynamics in bulk half metals" is accepted in PRL
 18/7/2018MSc Indrajit Wadgaonkar joins the group as a PhD student
 2/5/2018Mag. Michael Wais joins the group for a 6 months visit
 8/3/2018Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra joins the group
I start my appointment as Nanyang Assistant Professor at NTU Singapore


 19-22/11/2017 "Ultrafast spin injection in semiconductors: the path to THz spintronics"
invited at Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS2017), Singapore


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