Schwinn bike bag : 4 bike hitch carrier.

Schwinn Bike Bag

schwinn bike bag
  • The Schwinn Bicycle Company was founded by German-born mechanical engineer Ignaz Schwinn (1860-1945) in Chicago in 1895, became the dominant manufacturer of American bicycles through most of the 20th century and is now an out-sourced sub-brand of Pacific Cycle, currently owned by the multi-
  • Since 1895, America's bicycle brand
  • A bicycle or motorcycle
  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame
  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals
  • bicycle: ride a bicycle
  • (of a hunter) Succeed in killing or catching an animal
  • hang loosely, like an empty bag
  • Put (something) in a bag
  • Succeed in securing (something)
  • a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
  • capture or kill, as in hunting; "bag a few pheasants"
schwinn bike bag - Schwinn Bicycle
Schwinn Bicycle Handlebar Bag
Schwinn Bicycle Handlebar Bag
Featuring the Schwinn brand Americans have trusted for over one hundred years this bag straps directly on to the handlebars and features the legendary Schwinn styling. Transport small items such as drinks and repair kits safely and easily. Never be caught trying to lug bulky items in pockets again. PTI Sports products are designed with safety as the first and foremost concern and are constructed of high quality parts and materials to prevent degradation over time. Thoroughly tested, our products last through years of use before they are recommended for replacement, ensuring safe cycling for years to come.

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My orange and turquoise sixties Stingray is my new favorite thing, if you couldn't tell. HAND SILKSCREENED ITEMS: I designed and printed the bandanna, which says "I DENY BEING A HIPSTER WHO DENIES BEING A HIPSTER" when unfolded; Claude made the "Loud Cloud" shirt with Zardoz on it. THE REST: layered chemise and socks from Target, thrifted sneakers, my bag nicknamed Owsley from Target, bright orange nail polish from Milani, plastic bracelets from Rag-o-Rama, Fred Flare glasses relensed by BIKE: Not actually a Schwinn; it's a vintage boy's bike from a Japanese brand named Itoh and I know the bike geeks are going to make fun of it (NO GEARS AND A FORTY YEAR OLD CHAIN?) but it's probably the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden.
My bike - Schwinn Super Sport
My bike - Schwinn Super Sport
This is my commuter bike. I just added the fenders, rack, bag, taillight and replaced my headlight with a more powerful one. Now I'm ready for some serious riding!

schwinn bike bag