Mountain Bike With Disk Brakes

mountain bike with disk brakes
    mountain bike
  • A bicycle with a light sturdy frame, broad deep-treaded tires, and multiple gears, originally designed for riding on mountainous terrain
  • a bicycle with a sturdy frame and fat tires; originally designed for riding in mountainous country
  • (Mountain biking) Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially adapted mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.
  • (Mountain Biking) A designated, rugged, natural surfaced, single track trail that offers a range of riding opportunities.
    disk brakes
  • A type of vehicle brake employing the friction of pads against a disc that is attached to the wheel
  • (disk brake) hydraulic brake in which friction is applied to both sides of a spinning disk by the brake pads
  • The disc brake or disk brake is a device for slowing or stopping the rotation of a wheel while it is in motion. A brake disc (or rotor in U.S. English) is usually made of cast iron, but may in some cases be made of composites such as reinforced carbon-carbon or ceramic-matrix composites.
mountain bike with disk brakes - Burley Bicycle
Burley Bicycle Trailer Hitch (Classic)
Burley Bicycle Trailer Hitch (Classic)
Keep all bikes ready for trailering with extra hitches.
Pivoting hitch design found on older Burley trailer models
Not compatible with disc brake use
All current Burley trailers include a quick release standard hitch
Bicycles with Breezer-style dropouts require use of alternative hitches

The Burley Design 960001 Bicycle Trailer Classic Hitch is designed to securely attach your Burley Design bicycle trailer to your bike. With its durable construction and easy installation, the hitch ensures that the trailer is safely attached to your bike at all times. It is designed for superior tracking, and can endure even the most turbulent rides.
About Burley Design
Burley Design has been the leader in child bicycle trailer design for nearly 30 years and has earned a strong reputation for high quality, superior design, safety, and trailer strength. Burley's testing and safety standards are among the most rigorous in the industry, and their designs provide a high level of child comfort in an aerodynamic and lightweight trailer. Burley's trailers are all made from lightweight aluminum tubing and covered with a stain-resistant, mildew-resistant, and water-repelling polyester, high-quality fabric. The geometry of each trailer is specifically tuned to reduce the weight on the connecting hitch, while at the same time providing an even balance point over the trailer wheels. This minimizes the load on the bicycle to maximize handling and ensure an extremely stable and secure ride.
The stylish designs are also functional with large windows, a comfortable suspended hammock-style seat that minimizes the bumps in the road, and a generous storage compartment to enable you to do it all and enjoy time with family, exercise, and run errands all at the same time. Burley trailers store easily with a quick fold and easy-to-remove wheels. You can store it in a garage, hang it indoors, or put it easily into the trunk of a car. With easy-to-use jogger or stroller options, Burley trailers can convert for a run, a stroll in the park, or a cycling adventure.

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K2 ATTACK 2.0 Mountain Bike...
K2 ATTACK 2.0 Mountain Bike...
This is my brother's mountain bike.. He's very much into the sport.. thought of doing a shot of his bike.. I live quite close to the airport so the white streaks in the sky were left by planes taking off.. This bike costs more than a semipro camera.. some bike facts.. Oil damped, coil spring rear shock with adjustable preload and rebound. 4 inches of shock absorbing travel from the rockshox fork(front suspension) Solid, straighforward Shimano rapidfire controlled drive terrain.. Dual disc brakes.. Exposure: 30 Aperture: f/9.0 Focal Length: 18 mm ISO Speed: 200 Dynamic Range in-camera was set to the DR+(max setting)
edwin cycles disc brake tab
edwin cycles disc brake tab
Polishing 304 stainless steel water jet cut edwin cycle disc brake tab in custom pink mountain bike, designed specifically to work with edwin geared drop-outs.

mountain bike with disk brakes