Kid bike parts : Line rider mountain bike

Kid Bike Parts

kid bike parts
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Scrappy mini bike becomes adult cargo bike
Scrappy mini bike becomes adult cargo bike
Not sure why I'm so impressed with this bike spotted at St. Johns fred meyer besides the fact that it looks utilitarian and comfortable and superscrappy and cheap and recycled. Found kids bike, with t-handlebars made out of old roll-cart frame. Various fanny packs and pouch purses strapped onto front for handy cargo. Small mesh basket secured behind saddle and then other scrappy metal pieces used to secure an old wstebucket as a cargo box. Small bike and upright posture must be super comfortable for cruising the nighborhood. Yup, between metal scrap parts, thrifted or free-boxed cargo bags and baskets, hardware store chain lock, the whole thing prob cost under $20 for a bike easy to take on MAX, store out of sight (if you're camped outside and vulnerable to theft) and bring into stores.
Bike Quest Map. village of Jaba` Palestine
Bike Quest Map. village of Jaba` Palestine
BIKE MARATHON PALESTINE as a tournament for youngsters between 16-25 years old to take part in annual event, competing for a prise. The main idea is to make a tour around occupied territories, attracting media, schools, tourists women centres et cet. to facilitate and sport equipment manufacturers to support financially. Under this umbrella marathon project, village of Jaba` site specifically can become a place of everyday quest for local kids. Using their bikes and with a help of womens centre and local students they can be supervised in the intellectual/entertainment/ sport activity around old village. This event can bring life back in between old ruined buildings of Jaba` Historical Centre and smiles back to Palestinian kids.

kid bike parts