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Bike Size For Women

bike size for women
    for women
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  • A bicycle or motorcycle
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14 1/2 link bicycle chain choker and bracelet
14 1/2 link bicycle chain choker and bracelet
A choker of 14 1/2 links of worn bicycle chain from a rusty old bike. Total length including clasp is just over 15 1/2 inches. The choker can also be doubled and worn as a bracelet, as shown. As a bracelet it will fit wrists up to 6 1/2 inches. This size is suitable for most women and for slender men. Average or larger men will want a 15 1/2 link or longer version. All sizes are available. A handmade recycled card box is included. I salvage abandoned, broken bicycles and strip them down for all of the interesting parts. Chains are wire brushed to remove grunge and rust, then scrubbed with an old toothbrush and alcohol before becoming jewelry. Every chain is different, so please note that the jewelry may not be exactly as shown.
Peace cyclist
Peace cyclist
Catherine on our way to our meditation session Sunday morning. We carry our meditation cushions in big backpacks. She's riding her Terry. They make small size frames for women. The front wheel is smaller. It's also very light for hefting onto the train.

bike size for women