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Battery Powered Dirt Bike

battery powered dirt bike
    battery powered
  • powered by one or more electric batteries; "a battery-powered radio"
  • An electrical battery is one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy.
    dirt bike
  • A motorcycle designed for use on rough terrain, such as unsurfaced roads or tracks, and used esp. in scrambling
  • trail bike: a lightweight motorcycle equipped with rugged tires and suspension; an off-road motorcycle designed for riding cross country or over unpaved ground
  • There are many systems for classifying types of motorcycles, describing how the motorcycles are put to use, or the designer's intent, or some combination of the two. Six main categories are widely recognized: cruiser, sport, touring, standard, dual-purpose, and dirt bike.
  • n. an off-road motorcycle. Usually louder than MTBs.
battery powered dirt bike - EKLIPES Motorcycle,
EKLIPES Motorcycle, ATV, Jet Ski & Snowmobile Cell Phone and GPS Adapter
EKLIPES Motorcycle, ATV, Jet Ski & Snowmobile Cell Phone and GPS Adapter
For the first time ever, now you can purchase an EKLIPES motorcycle cell phone adapter to keep cell phones charged while you are on those long bike rides and never have a dead cell phone again. With this package you can attach all EKLIPES products to any motorcycle, ATV, jetski or snowmobile. The power outlet allows you to plug in your cell phone or any other electronic device that uses a 12-volt car adapter. Brookshire Innovations LLC has a long established history with the Brookshire Family of Companies since 1977 and recognizes the importance of Quality Products and excellent customer service.

The EKLIPES motorcycle cell phone and GPS adapter helps keep your cell phones charged, and your GPS, heated clothing, and radar detectors powered while you’re on the road. You won’t have a dead cell phone again in case of an emergency while they are on those long bike rides.

This EKLIPES system is a waterproof 4-foot wiring harness with a 15 Amp fuse, a SAE dual pin quick connector (which works with many popular battery chargers), and a power socket that is compatible with most all 12 volt powered equipment such as radar detectors, heated clothing, GPS, and more.

With this package you can attach all EKLIPES products to any motorcycle, ATV, jet-ski, water craft, scooter or snowmobile. The SAE duel pin quick connect harness and water proof power socket makes it compatible with most 12 volt powered equipment. It's easy to install and carries a five year Unlimited Manufacturer's Electronics Warranty.

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Day 249/365 - Solidarity
Day 249/365 - Solidarity
Lets run down what this trip has found it necessary to throw at me thus far. 1. Broken PC cord on Day 2 causing me to shoot on camera lighting. 2. Vagabond takes a crap on day 3 causing me to be tethered to the wall outlet 3. This morning my Stands and Stand bag arrived. The bag is 7 inches too small. This is the bag that was recommended for those stands on B&H photo. I'm really being tested! I'm not understanding what I did for all this to come down on me. 2000 miles from home to top things off! Luckily the bad luck has been diluted by a few shining rays a light. A seemingly random individual whom happened to catch my day 248 shot on flickr offered to loan me his Vagabond Battery pack. I continue to be blown away by the photography communities solidarity. Unless you are a super high up stuck up asshole photographer who thinks not only does his shit not stink he also thinks that no one cares when he blows dirt in a crowded studio. Those photographers would rather walk over you while asking you to get him coffee than help you out. Anyway… Thank you so much Anthony Segarra from Reno, You really helped me out when I needed it! And to think… I know people that I consider friends that wouldn't jump that fast to help. I'm blown away! Paul C. Buff sent out a loaner Vagabond this afternoon to replace mine while in the shop. So, that is yet another bit of good news to dilute the small pond of bad news. B&H photo sent me a return slip for the bag. Unfortunately the size that I need is double the money! I'll just end up shipping the new stands back home before I leave instead of forking over another 45 dollars. So, we meet Anthony in Fernely, NV about halfway between Fallon and Reno. Remnets of Burning Man festival can be seen everywhere. Although the event was not held in Fernely it seemed that many of the now dust covered attendees were unloading garbage, refueling and preparing to return to civilization! I saw the strangest things on trailers, including dust covered living room sets complete with sofa, love seat and tables. I saw trailers with bikes and grills and blow up toys. I've never been to this event and probably would be reluctant to fork over the 300.00 admission. Although, with over 50,000 people attending it really seems like one huge, kick ass party! Too bad they don't allow cameras, which is very odd! So, Anthony arrives , we "meet" and ask each other some photography related questions and decide to all hop in the Jeep and make our way out to take a picture. We find a long dirt road leading to pretty much nowhere. We take the Badass Jeep down this soft sand road until we can't go any further. I bust out the new stands and setup two lights. Now, for some odd reason I really felt retarded as I couldn't get my head focused. It must have taken me 20 minutes to setup two lights. I'm sure Joyce could have setup faster than that! I got distracted several times by the Dust Devil (whirl wind dust tornado frequently seen in the desert) This one was unique as it stretched from the ground all the way up into the sky. It looked to be about as big as a NYC skyscraper. A size that is very uncommon for Dust Devils. The sand was soft and every third step I would take my foot would break through the sand into what I could only imagine was some sort of venomous desert creatures home. All I could picture was my foot breaking through and a rattle snake lunging up and like a whip snapping ageinst my legs and burying its hypodermic needle like fangs deep into the tender flesh of my calf. I have an over active imagination… I can't help it! So, once I was setup we started snapping shots. I realized that the back light I setup wasn't strong enough and essentially it was not even reaching him. I decided to scrap that light and go with a single light setup. We moved over the the cliff edge and snapped a few more shots. It really didn't take long to get the shot I was after. We packed it up and parted ways. From Fernely we headed back down Highway 50 to Fallon. We stopped at this old abandoned building that looked as if one spark would hit it it would go up in flames. The old dry particle board exterior was dry, cracked and nearly turning to dust. However, the thing was locked up tight! In the distance we saw what appeared to be the battered shell of a mobile home. we trekked through the cracked desert about 200 yards to the house that was barley standing. Doors and windows had been long since knocked out. The whole thing was full of bird shit. The house sat up on several cinder blocks. This made it about 3 feet off the ground. A wooden blank was propped up against the opening and we made our way up and into what once appeared to be someones home. The room we entered was the bedroom, It was littered with excrement, glass and wood. A pigeon had been cornered in the room on account of our presence. It repeatedly attempted to fly out the window. Unfortunately the window he was trying to fly out was
The Rider (Panning)
The Rider (Panning)
My Nephew in form ... He just turned 9 and here he is, riding along (his new MX500 Dirt Rocket) ... I just love the way it takes not more than 5 minutes for them to master the machine. As we grow older, our learning ability decreases to a point where learning how to ride a motorcycle or driving a car can take days, if not weeks. Interestingly I started riding when I was 9 too, so I could relate to his excitement and enthusiasm. About he machine: MX500 Dirt Rocket Type : Electric-Powered Replica Dirt Bike. Motor Type: Electric. Scooter Suspension: Front/Rear. Brake Type: Front and Rear Disc brake (Hand). Product Description Speeds up to 17 mph. Electric motocross bike has twist grip throttle and large 16" and 14" knobby tires. Battery and charger included. Travels up to 10 miles on a single charge. Riders up to 175 lbs. Don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my permission. © All rights reserved.

battery powered dirt bike
battery powered dirt bike
Sylvania 72178 Motion Activated Battery Powered Safety Light
The Sylvania Motion-Activated Battery-Powered Safety Light lets you add an extra level of safety to almost any area. Battery-powered operation and an indoor/outdoor design mean you can place this bright white LED wherever you need it most. With easy installation, automatic shut-off, and the reliability of LED technology, this light is sure to give you peace of mind.
Sylvania Logo
Battery-Powered Safety Light
Motion activation provides light when you need it
13-foot, 130-degree motion detection range
Battery power lets you place light anywhere
Splash-proof design work indoors and out
Mount with adhesive, magnetic, or screw hardware
Automatic shut-off saves energy

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72178 Safety Light

This motion-activated LED Light provides a reliable source of light and peace of mind.
Battery-Powered LED Works Anywhere
The Sylvania LED Motion Sensor Light is ideal for garages, decks, entryways, hallways, stairways, and any areas where safety and security is a concern. Because it runs on three 'AAA' batteries (included), this LED doesn't require an outlet, so you can install it just about anywhere. It includes hardware for three different mounting options: adhesive, magnetic, or screw mounting, and its splash-proof, indoor/outdoor housing further increases your placement options.
This super-bright, versatile LED can even function as a portable flashlight--its possibilities are nearly endless.
Illumination When You Need It
The LED Motion Sensor Light automatically turns on at dark, or it can be set to turn on when it senses motion within a 130-degree, 13-foot radius. You can disable the photo and motion sensor to switch the light to manual mode, and you can set the programmable auto shut-off function (10 seconds) to conserve energy.
About Sylvania: Seeing the World in a New Light
Since 1901, Sylvania has been a provider of lighting solutions and a broad range of specialty applications for homes, businesses, and automobiles. Sylvania's goal is for everyone to see the world in a new light. Light is vital to life, it enables us to see, grow, work, and play, and it makes life richer and more comfortable. That's why Sylvania develops energy-efficient light sources and systems that deliver comfortable and attractive illumination.
What's in the Box
Motion-sensor LED light; three 'AAA' batteries; and mounting hardware for adhesive, magnetic, and screw mounting.

Safety Light at Home

The LED Motion Sensor Light automatically turns on at dark, or it can be set to turn on when it senses movement.