Machine Washing Dry Clean Only

machine washing dry clean only
    machine washing
  • (machine-wash) machine wash: wash by machine; "Can these shirts be machine-washed?"
    dry clean
  • Dry cleaning (or dry-cleaning) is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent rather than water. The solvent used is typically tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene), abbreviated "perc" in the industry and "dry-cleaning fluid" by the public.
  • Taking actions to determine whether or not you are under surveillance.
  • clean with chemical agents
  • Clean (a garment) with an organic solvent, without using water
machine washing dry clean only - Bissell Flip-!t
Bissell Flip-!t Select Hard Floor Cleaner with Heat, 7340
Bissell Flip-!t Select Hard Floor Cleaner with Heat, 7340
Combining power with versatility, this bare-floor cleaner features three modes of cleaning-dry vacuum, heated wet vacuum and drying. The Flip-!t Select offers heat for superior cleaning. Get your bare floors sparkling clean with this versatile and lightweight Bissell dual-function cleaner. With one quick flip you can switch back and forth between heated wet and dry cleaning for a complete floor cleansing with one 10 pound machine. The dry mode picks up crumbs, pet hair and dirt. Switch to the heated wet mode and a fingertip control dispenses cleaning solution while the soft-scrub brush and an interchangeable pad does the job on various floor surfaces. The built-in heater with on/off switch allows you to select heated cleaning for sticky, hard-to-clean areas. Other handy features include a cord clip, quick-release cord wrap, carry handle, filter, cleaning solutions and separate clean and dirty tanks. Brush and pads are machine washable. Includes trial size hard floor cleaner, trial size wood floors cleaner and an extra pad.

The Bissell Flip-It Select promises two hard-surface cleaners in one: a dry vacuum for picking up crumbs and a heated wet-mop for sticky spills. Replacing broom, dustpan, vacuum cleaner, mop, and bucket in one fell stroke, this slender, lightweight cleaner effectively simplifies and saves space, especially in crowded spaces like kitchens. Start by using it as a regular stick vacuum to clear away small debris. To change functions, simply turn the unit around, switching on the built-in heater for added cleaning power. The Flip-It has separate clean and dirty water tanks, so unlike the traditional mop-bucket combo, you're always working with freshly heated, unsoiled water, and it leaves floor dry once they've been cleaned. It also comes with two different wet cleaning surfaces, a soft brush for tile or other surfaces with grout and crevices, and the Gentle Clean pad for babying delicate surfaces like hardwood or laminates.
The Flip-It's dual-function cleaning proves especially convenient on smaller areas and for touchups, but mastering the wet-mop function can be tricky, and many users find it hard to push in wet mode until the floor has been saturated with liquid. Technique (and practice) help the process considerably: press the trigger down on the forward stroke to spray cleaning fluid, then release it as you pull back so the squeegee dries the floor. The Flip-It Select is easy to maintain; both filter and brushes clean up easily under running water and the Gentle Clean pad can go straight into the washing machine. It even stores ready to use with water and cleaning fluid in the tank. Weighing in at just ten pounds, the unit is powered by a nine-amp motor when using heat, three amps without, and includes trial sizes of hard-surface and wood-floor cleaners as well as an extra Gentle Clean pad. The power cord features a quick-release wrap as well as a clip for storage. Compact, maneuverable, and ergonomically designed, the Flip-It Select is 44 inches tall, with a base measuring 11 inches long and 8 inches wide, and comes backed by a limited one-year warranty. --Mary Park

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My only day off this week. I got up early, had breakfast, a shower, got Adam and myself dressed. Cleaned the kitchen, made the beds, filled the dishwasher, put a load in the washing machine and yesterday's load in the drier. Dried my hair, put some make-up on. Tidied up the living room. Got me and Adam in the car and drove to Southend (30 minutes away), found a tiny parking space and did my first ever perfect parallel park with an inch to spare (lol)! Went in Allegro Music to pick up the memory stick for my digital piano (20 quid for a memory stick - shocking!) Got back in the car drove to Westcliff (10 minutes) Walked from the Park (where I park the car) to Westcliff Music Academy and had a 30 minute piano lesson whilst supervising my toddler who was powerdribbling (teeth) and pressing all the buttons on a ?3000 keyboard (Eeek - don't break it!!!) Piano Teacher was very unworried about it all and gave Adam a pound for some sweets. Went back to the park and played for a while - I took a few photos. Went back to the car drove home. Made and ate lunch, moved various loads of washing from washer to drier and from drier to ironing pile. Mum popped round, I cleared out my waldrobe and gave her lots of stuff I don't wear (see previous days PAD!) Cleaned it out and put back what I'm keeping, it looks a lot better. Took 3 bags to charity shop, bought milk. Cleaned bathroom, dusted and hoovered living room. Cooked Adam's dinner, sat with him while he ate it, cleaned up the mess, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. Gave Adam a bath, and got him ready for bed. Had a little browse of Flickr while he watched Calliou (don't ask!!!) with his milk. Cleaned his teeth, story time and bed! Cooked and ate my dinner, uploaded my photos. Totally knackered, going for a bath and bed. Go to get up at 4.30 am for work - 3 x 12 hour day shifts this weekend. Sorry for inflicting all this waffle on you, it's helped me see that I need to cut back on a few things or risk burning out! Thinking about changing to PAW, I can't do everything I want to do :-(
ONE CLEAN CAT (i guess he should be with the load of colors, huh?)
ONE CLEAN CAT (i guess he should be with the load of colors, huh?)
R.I.P. sweet Diesel kitty... And no, he was not washed away in the washing machine(originally adopted as a kitten from Clinton Animal Rescue League in Mississippi)... He just always jumped into anything I opened -- cabinets, boxes, and apparently, washing machines... So I rounded the corner one day with a load of clothes in my arms, only to find that he had jumped into the washer and was making himself comfy... (I'm just glad he didn't use it as a litter box -- hee, hee!)

machine washing dry clean only
machine washing dry clean only
The Washing Machine: How Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Soils Us
The Washing Machine is an intriguing book that takes the reader deep inside the world of money laundering and shows it to be a highly sophisticated, global business that poses a serious and systemic threat to the world's financial institutions, as well as the global economy. Investigative journalist and financial expert Nick Kochan profiles the perpetrators, the investigators, and explains the methods employed by international criminals and terrorists to turn dirty money into untraceable wealth. The effort to stop this sinister financial pipeline to terrorist activities is one of the highest profile law enforcement activities in the world at present. Will we lose this battle? The Washing Machine reveals that the dual forces of globalization and a lack of true international cooperation are playing directly into the hands of the criminals.

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