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Lcd Cleaning Liquid

lcd cleaning liquid
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  • Liquid crystal display
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  • LCD were a computer generated dance act, active in the late 1990s. Signed to Virgin Records, their one hit single was a euro pop version of the Greek song "Zorbas", entitled "Zorba's Dance".
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iPod-ish whirpool washing machine
iPod-ish whirpool washing machine
Since the family is still enjoying the mildly cooler weather of Bicol, I'm left to take care of myself here in Manila. For the past few days am really appreciating the simplicity of this washing machine. Unlike most automatic washing machines which tend to have a number of variable settings for speed, time, etc., complete with LCD's and ability to program your own washing routine, this whirpool model only consist of three big buttons and four led indicators. The three buttons are bred for a simple purpose: power, fast forward, and water level (full or half, default is full). For the most part you just toss your laundry inside, connect the water hose, add some detergents, put ample amounts of liquid softener and press the power button. The machine, soaks, wash, rinse and dries (you can fast forward to a phase using the other button mentioned above) your laundry without any fuss. I do the this before I go to bed at night and collect the clothes the following morning, sweetly ready for ironing. And yet, behind the simple interface, make no mistake, its a damn effective machine. Its innovative design gracefully mimics washing the laundry by hand. Using a counter rotor pole at the middle, it emulates the technique of using friction to clean your clothes, just like manual handwash. The point is, as nerdy as I maybe, loving the complexity of the enevitable tech driven lifestyle in the office, at the end of the day, I just want my washing machine to work effectively without me reading the user manual from time to time. Shift that perspective to the majority of computer users (obviously the non-techie outnumber the geeks greatly), they just want their computers to work and would love if they can simply do it without much fuss. After all, for most of them computers are just tools to help with their jobs. They would rather spend more time focusing on their primary job functions, than the complexity of the technology. Tech shouldn't get in the way. Specially on laundry days. :-D - treonox
Air filtration system (0.2mm HEPA filter) For the process of drying cycle, filtered clean air flows into the chamber during vacuum system removes the remaining steam and vapor. Self- diagnostic system Self-test mode diagnose whether the function is good. When the malfunction occurs in the operating, it sounds and display errors and numbers and it can stop working automatically. Safety system It has such perfect safety system as - over pressure release safety valve - over heating / over temperature protector - door open sensing & power cut-off - low water protection - leakage & over current circuit breaker Working process display LED cycle indicators for working process, showing Pre vacuum - Water filling - Heat - Sterilization - Ventilation - Drying - End cycle Maintenance free and various basket Built-in wire mesh protect water line system and solenoid valves. Sterilization Temperature 105oC to 135oC Pre vacuum system and Drying system (LAC-xxx5SP model only) Pre-vacuum for effective air removal that results in increasing sterilization performance. Post-vacuum for drying by continuous steam and vapor removal High precision microprocessor temperature and vycle controller It can be set temperature from ambient +5oC to 135oC as well as high precision temperature uniformity. Program controller with LCD temperature, time program cycle display Pre-programmed and user programmable operation. Wrapped, Unwrapped, Liquid cycle and user mode are operated by preprogrammed cycle and manual. Full automatic operation system Easy operation with full automatic system by microprocessor auto-water supply and ejection system and auto dry system Automatic power cut-off safety system When the malfunction and error occur, it stops working with automatic ventilation process for maximum safety.

lcd cleaning liquid
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