Best Gun Cleaning Rod

best gun cleaning rod
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best gun cleaning rod - Gerber 22-01105
Gerber 22-01105 Gun Cleaning Kit For Law Enforcement Pistol/Rifle/Shot
Gerber 22-01105 Gun Cleaning Kit For Law Enforcement Pistol/Rifle/Shot
In the spirit of professional collaboration with Otis Technology, Gerber has developed gun cleaning kits for military and law enforcement applications. The Otis folks are renowned for producing premium gun cleaning products, and these kits are no exception. Each kit contains: A Multi-Plier® 600 in non-reflective black, featuring needlenose pliers; an Ultra Infinity flashlight with our red L.E.D. bulb; and the appropriate Otis cleaning accessories for your particular firearm. These are complete kits that let you maintain your weapons in the proper manner: Clean as a whistle. Kit Includes: Black Needlenose Multi-Plier Tool, Ultra Infinity Flashlight w/Red LED, Black Ballistic Sheath, Alice & Molle Equipped, Detailed Instruction Sheets, Cleans Properly From Breach to Muzzle, Otis Technology Gun Cleaning Systems, Complete Optics Cleaning Components

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Longshot End to End Mod Guide
Longshot End to End Mod Guide
Welcome to the Nerf Longshot CS-6 End to End modification guide. This is NOT a beginner mod, please do not try this unless you are extremely sure that you can do it. I completely screwed a longshot in the process of making this guide, so don't scream if your new toy gets broken while you attempt this mod. Before I get into it, I want to give credit where credit is due. Forsaken_Angel24 is the originator of the Angel Breech and all I have done is a tiny modification, it is still his and all credit goes to him. Captain Slug's innovative and intelligent solution to the stupidity that is the cocking mechanism of the longshot is still without a doubt the best and cleanest shotgun design I've ever seen. What I do in this mod is take his design and add a little bit to it, I am again not claiming to have originated it. This guide is also not original, everything in it has been done before, but I am looking to make a clean, clear, and easy to understand guide to modifying the longshot from start to finish. Beginning with the boxed longshot and ending with a completely painted and modified longshot that would be a credit to any war. This guide will cover: Disassembling the Longshot Removing the Air Restrictor Removing the useless bits of the gun Creating and installing a slightly modified version of the Angel Breech by Forsaken_Angel24 Reinforcing the catch springs Removing the need for the bolt sled while still retaining the guide slots to preserve gun stability Creating and installing a slightly modified version of Captain Slug's V3 Shotgun Grip. Painting the Longshot A note on materials: Brass is listed in 12" pieces because that's how it is normally sold, you actually need much less of everything but the 9/16, which you actually need a full 12" piece of for the front barrel. If you have some brass laying around, see if you have enough for this before you go out and buy all new. Same goes for the Polycarbonate, you don't actually need as much, but the standard sizes are listed. Materials Needed: One Nerf Longshot. Front Gun is not needed or used. One 12" piece of 19/32" Brass Two 12" pieces of 9/16" Brass One 12" piece of 17/32" Brass One 12" piece of 1/2" Brass One sheet of 1/4" Polycarbonate Plexi-Glass 24x12" One sheet of 1/8" Polycarbonate Plexi-Glass 12x12" Two 8-32 Threaded rods, at least 4" long Fifteen 8-32 machine screws and nuts Two springs from ball-point pens for the catch One 24" Piece of 1/2" ID SCH40 PVC Optional: AR-15 or NiteFinder spring to add to the stock spring Tools Needed: #1 Phillips Screwdriver Dremel Tool with a cutting bit or something else to trim the shell with. Power Drill or Hand Drill with 8/32" and 3/8" bits Pipe Cutter (For tightening rings) Zap-A-Gap, Fishin Glue or Gorilla Glue
Sweetwater "Operator" mosin nagant Thanatos Mk.1
Sweetwater "Operator" mosin nagant Thanatos Mk.1
a WWII gun addict requested a modernized mosin nagant, he wanted a gun with improved precision, reliability, a longer range and less weight. the internals are completely custom, it uses electronic dot sights as standard aiming system, which can be changed with the iron ones. the gun is designed for great comfort and reduced recoil, the undetachable 5 round magazine has been changed with a detachable 25 round magazine, the body and handguard are made of polymer and carbon fiber with a dark color, the cleaning rod is still on the gun as it was on the classic mosin nagant, and the stock of the gun houses a cleaning kit with a manual on how to operate the rifle properly and safely. it comes with the LDM16 scope, a scope designed for both close quarters and long range fights. the metal parts are made of light metal alloys, which make the gun lighter. Caliber: 7.62x51mm Action: bolt action, with manually operated bolt Overall Lenght: 1040mm Barrel Lenght: 620mm Weight: 3.0kg (2.8 without magazine) Magazine Capacity: 25 rounds credits: beck for the safety and the SPW logo

best gun cleaning rod
best gun cleaning rod
Tipton 26 Piece Ultra Jag And Best Bore Brush Set
Combining the Ultra Jags and Best Bore Brushes into one convenient 26-piece set gives you the ultimate storage system for your brushes and jags. Neatly organized in a durable, hinged box with marked cavities, it’s easy to select the correct jag and brush for your particular application. Because they are caliber-specific, you can be assured of an optimum fit to your firearm’s bore for efficient and thorough cleaning. 17 to 45 calibers (does not include 20 caliber). All jags and brushes have 8-32 threads (17 caliber has 5-40 threads and is a standard bore brush).

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