Electric CG125

Summary of electric motorcycle conversion (work in progress)

I managed to do a short road test in a secret location (nowhere near road legal yet) to check out the motor controller.  Seemed OK but I did not want to push it too much first time out.  I will need to do some more endurance testing but I managed to get it up to 30 MPH (ish) but I think I might need to drop the gear ratio at some time. 

Unfortunately my LCD display is barely readable in bright daylight so I could not see how much current and PWM duty cycle it took to hold the speed.

I had quite a few temporary lash ups to get me going so I am now in the process of doing a tear down to fix these and then start to add lights and mudguards etc with a view to getting it road legal.  This could take a few more weeks.


The forks look far too bad to pass an MOT test but I am having problems finding new stanchions.  These seem different to some of the later bikes so I may have to replace the fork legs as well and probably the top yoke.

I have sent my V5 off to the DVLA with a few details and pictures of the changes in order to get it re-registered as electric powered.  I am expecting that they will want to view the bike to confirm this but lets see what happens.

Above picture shows bike with loose fit tank, seat and side panels to check for clearances.  Some of the vents in the left side panel were broken so I took them all out leaving a gaping hole which will patched up later.

Charge pod (tank) in position showing mains lead going in (black cable) and charger lead coming out (blue cable) and connecting to the external charge socket using 20A PowerCon connectors.

Now with a set of forks from a later CG125 (courtesy of ebay).  A new speedometer bracket is needed for the different top yoke of the later CG125.  Still a fair amount of bits and pieces to sort out.

Update August 2011
The DVLA sent me a new registration document but it is still a petrol bike despite following their exact advice.  I guess they must have a pretty low hurdle for the job selection criteria.

Without batteries, chargers (tank) and seat

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Peter Smout,
18 Mar 2011, 09:15