Tazliel's Batmud Information

Here is a recollection of my notes and studies on Batmud, one of the best and oldest online games still active.

I am currently playing a Nergal Reaver

Before that Aelena Bard Sabre and Liberator Animist Tarmalen, so most info will be related to those combo.

Data is based on my tests and experiences as well as contribution from other players. If you notice something that needs to be updated, please me a mail in-game

  • Nergal is the newest hot guild, but it can be daunting at first. Check the Decaying Tree of Knowledge for information.
  • You will find information about Aelena: The Masters of Poison, including Quests, organs, poisons and notes.
  • Plant lore is a skill shared by both Aelena and Folklorist. Check the page for my current research on this topic.
  • Master of the Ghost and Souls, Liberator/Animist is a very interesting guild combo.
  • Young bards may also want to check Songmasters page, with some KBH numbers
  • If you want to try something new, check out our reinc combo suggestions.

More to come.

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Cheers !


Last updated Feb 2019