Spider Programs

The Secret World of Spiders
Despite their bad press, spiders are some of the most intriguing and beneficial animals sharing our planet. Their webs are architectural masterpieces, their venom may hold the cure or treatment for many human ailments including diabetes, and they possess some of the most interesting adaptations found in the natural world.
It has been said that at any given moment we are never more than six feet away from a spider. Discover which ones are sharing your work, play, and living spaces and exactly what they're up to. With the help of slides, preserved specimens (including brown recluse and black widow), and visits with our live tarantula ambassadors we'll unlock the mysteries of these elusive animals. (Recommended for audiences age 5-105; program lasts approximately one hour.) 
Creepy Crawly Creativity
What could you do with eight eyes, eight legs, and super strong spider silk? This super fun new program explores Nature's creative side by studying up close one of the planet's most intriguing life forms - SPIDERS! Kids will learn about spiders through slides, preserved specimens, posters, and by meeting our incredible live tarantula ambassadors. To help us better understand our eight-legged friends, one lucky member of the audience will be transformed into a spider right before our eyes! (Recommended for school-age audiences; program lasts approximately one hour.)
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