School Programs

Our classroom programs are intended for single-class audiences and last from 40-60 minutes depending on the needs of the booking teacher. For larger group programs please scroll down. For classroom program fees please click on the Book a Program link to the left.
Bats! (grades K-4)
Our most popular and longest running program. With the aid of breathtaking slide images, props, audio recordings, and the irrepressible enthusiasm of our presenter, students are introduced to the amazing world of bats. During the program students will explore the truth behind popular bat myths, meet bats from around the world, discover which bats make their homes in New York, and uncover the many ways bats are beneficial both to humans and the ecosystems they inhabit.  Students will also learn about echolocation - the system bats use to navigate through the night - and listen to recordings of bats as they hunt for and catch insects.
Bats! Meets the following New York State Learning Standards:
ELA: 1,4
MST: 4LE(1,3,5,6,7)
Spiders! (grades K-4)
Students will explore the fascinating and secretive world of spiders in this program designed to inform, excite, and challenge popular perceptions. Through slides we'll meet some of the more common spiders that share our homes and yards; we'll explore the differences between insects and spiders with some help from our student audience (a student will be transformed into a spider before our eyes!); discuss the many benefits of spiders; with the help of students to demonstrate we'll learn about the different methods spiders employ to catch prey (there are seven!); and for a grand finale meet our two live tarantulas up close.
Spiders! Meets the following New York State Learning Standards:
ELA: 1,4
MST: 4LE(1,3,5,6)
Assembly: The Mysterious World of Bats
Perfect for larger audiences in gymnasiums or auditoriums, The Mysterious World of Bats includes all of the best parts of our classroom bat program but on a larger scale.
Assembly fees begin at $300 and range higher depending on the number of students per assembly. For more information and pricing please e-mail Liz at