Bat Programs

Our multi-media presentations incorporate slides, bat detectors, models, audience participation, and echolocation recordings to introduce audiences to the fascinating world of bats. Both educational and entertaining, the goal of our programs is to help allay the fears that many have towards bats and help people understand the important and essential role bats play in our environment.
All programs are 40-60 minutes unless otherwise noted.
The Mysterious World of Bats
In our most requested program explore popular bat myths, meet bats from around the world, discover NYS bats and uncover the many ways in which bats help humankind.
Bats of Belize
The 98 species that call Belize home represent some of the most interesting bats found anywhere on the planet. Learn about fishing bats, tent-making bats, colorful fruit bats, and the most enigmatic bats of all - the vampire bats.
Bats and Their Habitats
Meet bats from around the world and right here in New York. Discover the different habitats that bats inhabit and their natural adaptations to living in them. Explore the basics of creating habitats for bats in your own backyard including how to build better bat houses.
Building Better Bat Houses
Bat houses have become very popular in recent years. Unfortunately, most bat houses sold in stores don't attract bats because of basic design flaws. Learn the simple steps you can take to make your bat house a success and discover which bats are most likely to move in!
Bat Conservation Issues
Besides being feared by so many, bats are facing a growing number of threats. Learn about issues facing bats today including rabies, white-nose syndrome, habitat loss, pollution, and misinformation. We'll discuss problems and possible solutions.
Amazing Adaptations
Learn all about adaptations through an examination of the wierd and wonderful world of bats. From the familiar - flight, migration, hibernation - to the unusual - echolocation, sucker-footed bats, hanging upside down - bats can teach us about the mysteries of the animal world.
Guided Bat Hikes
Our popular on-the-move program takes place at an outdoor venue of your choosing. Programs incorporate spotlight and bat detector to fully experience the bats as they forage in the skies above our heads. (June, July, and August only. Program runs 90-120 minutes.)
Do you have a specific set of bat-related topics to cover? No problem! Give us a call and we'll be happy to set up a program to meet your specific needs.
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